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I think your about right. I was skiddish on a 18 or 19 from so many guys having issues, so I shopped a 17. Cylinder works 270 kit, Hot cams, Fast core Mods head with new valves, new crank and bearings, GYTR basket, hub pressure plate, stock steels and ... more »

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Was nice to see in the 250 races, the midwest kids were among the best in the mud. Race 2 Martin Martin McAdoo. Munford was going good, but got to taste the mud. Humm? Midwest, names start with M. and they go good in the mud. Mmmmmmmmmm?

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Was a nice informative video he posted. He was in amazing condition, and I'm sure that will help in recovering. But I suggest we stay tuned for more of his posts. And I'm sure he will make a comeback. I mean look at all of the freestyle guys that have ... more »

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For my friend Kevin (TamerMX)

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You sell this yet? Interested for my '17

Added reply in a thread WTB holeshot device aer48 2/16/2020 8:12 PM Tell Kevin Jeff sent you. Front and Rear available.

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Yep. Parts is parts. Been on Yamaha's since Aug 2000 when I got my first YZ250F. Still have several of the older bikes. Should have said Timex on them. I have an 07 with over 600 hours. One full rebuild, and one top end. Getting ready to redo my 17 250F ... more »

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And I thought picking up my ticket sucked. Reentry is even worse. And yes on will call. Stupid phone crapped out one time. Never used it again for tickets.

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When was the last time a lites bike was the fastest qualifier? Bubba days?

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Line. Well this is strange. Can't pickup you tickets early at will call. Make you stand in line with regular admission. First practice now over. Second one lined up. I may make it in for the mains.

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Interesting. Like a couple of the other stated, the 5 valve motor probably should have said Timex on it. I have a 2007 YZ250Fwith 658 hours on it, 2 rebuilds, one with a crank. The 07 450 went 286 hrs, and on the 2 build the crank failed. Got lucky no ... more »

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Well it dont work for me. Says i renewed, but no matter what button i select, i just wants to sell me again. Even tried to do that, then it says I already an account. I give up. Stupid Thing anyhow.

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I had end up getting the online package. (Health issues) .So will it have practice and qualifing too?

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Kevin at Tamer MX had YZ suspension for sale.

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Anybody ever stick an aftermarket exhaust on one of these? This one Boggs like crazy when your reving it. How far would it need to be fattened up? Raise needle to? Just looking for some ideas. Thanks.

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Ok fine. But what about the guy in 7th place that followed the rules?

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What about frame number assignments?