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I have the Arai and also recently a alpinestar sm8 to rotate them . Alpinestar considerably cheaper and better fit for the large googles like air brake and especially the Scott Prospects. I’ve had the Arai for 12 months and worn the sm8 twice both mediums. ... more »

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We get awesome racing with lots of alternative lines and people still bitch.

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Seriously Steve Cox is not of sound mind right now. Someone actually should reach out to him.

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Zach Osbourne. 250 sx champion 2017 2018. 250 mx champion 2017. Not bad stats if you ask me

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Don't have a dog in this fight at all but do find it interesting the names that do and don't respond, also how they react to criticism.

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Absolutely spot on about Roczens criticism of Dean. “Be aware of your surroundings”. Bro you just got docked for jumping a red flag! Brilliant.

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So the speculation about him not being negotiable was exactly that, speculation.

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Can the “good old boys” be more inconsistent with on track contact. “He deserves it”. “send him back to where he came from”. “Should have put him in second row”

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Offseason always delivers the goods👌

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00 bit of a local hero

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i guess dragon patent is up. look identical

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Im sure the cycra kit is awsome but that price tag is way to much for me to justify. I'd much rather buy more tyres , bars , clutch perch and some unbreakable leavers . i say just ride it and get a feel for what you want in your suspension then revalve ... more »

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Because crossing over in the whoops is accept practice...........

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Hows chads body language? It just screams douche bag. As an Australain im embarrassed of what he did and how he is still acting. like spoilt kid.

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The new KTM 450 is pure bred race bike. Its definitely a coshy 490 trail bike that enjoys 5th gear. Did you look at the EXC range?

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Can't help you on sizing but i can't tell you, i myself wont ride without braces on. I find i can grip the bike harder and as others have said lock into the bike better cornering etc without banging my knees up on the frame. Ive run asterisk previously ... more »

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GL's Shlong shot comment.........Pure Gold, had me in stitches!