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My deal to race for Factory Honda..... in the end, it just didn't happen. Any truth to the rumors of Tomac potentially going to KTM instead of Kawi after his Geico deal was done?

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Sorry to hear about those of you that have already lost your jobs. Keep your heads up fellas. I personally had a TERRIBLE year last year after going off on my own and having situations outside my own control knock us out of 3 big deals. I made about ... more »

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My mom came down with something very similar right around new-year. We were in Zion National and she stayed in the hotel the entire time. She's normally pretty healthy, but that really knocked her out.

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Definitely great job. Team Rottweiler said it was an advantage in the dunes though where the 450s struggled to get over them, the big 790 just powered up and over.

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What's this "weekend off" you speak of? In all seriousness, I'll be surprised if half the races still happen. As this thing moves from one country to the next, each region will have to enact its own measures, and those countries where it already passed ... more »

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If they're going to do anything, they should hold 1-3 races in Florida at the private test tracks. Limit it to the top 10 in the series, limited travel required, no fans, you don't even have to have a live feed. Hell, plenty of championships have been ... more »

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Ok guys, we need something. It's been raining non-stop in DFW and my track is under water. I've already re-watched every round of 2020. I need some racing. So, let's try something different. Let's "benchrace" an older series (thank you Tony Blazier,

... more »

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Just saw this. Wonder how this might affect MXoN participation in September if it's in the middle of the championship. Heck, it might be in the middle of the US Motocross championship at this point.

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Awesome picture!

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I bet that was somewhere in the #4-6 gates from left to right last weekend. Saw several riders spend a while staring at that hole. Could've been Tomac too though, he hung a pretty hard left right out of the gate in the last 2 mains.

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First of all, we should all know by now that A1 means very little. It's kind of a wildcard race. Second, he's had some bad luck since A1 along with bad starts. I don't think A1 is that meaningful, but I also don't think it was a fluke. Barcia is a solid ... more »

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Prob about 3-3.5K.

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Congrats. Have you gotten to ride it yet?

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I've been there. Did the same thing through a whoop section in an arenacross. I know I was probably going about 1/5 the speed he was going, and I couldn't walk without pain for about a week. I bet he's hurting today, but these guys are incredible athletes. ... more »

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I've never seen a man bounce off the ground like a basketball. That looked brutal. Rough, rough night for team FXR Chaparral Honda. Get well soon Chris.

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That's awesome, thanks for sharing. I look forward to the book. How did that race come about?