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Surwall started Alias

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FWIW, my friend is a nurse at a doctors office and they were told to take the jab or lose their job. Her coworker, who is mid-40’s, healthy and active, was planning to get the vaccine once she felt comfortable that it was safe and effective. However, ... more »

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I was hoping they would fly it a little above and behind the pack from the gate drop into the first turn. Would be a cool perspective. Not a fan of the camera on the right side of the gate for the start. It would be better if it was shot from the middle ... more »

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Congrats on your boys success at the ‘Dilla regional and best of luck to him at LL’s. However, it sounds like you’re calling Michael a stupid business man. Who pissed in your Corn Flakes? Are you jealous? First of all, he never looked at giving Eric ... more »

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It looks like you’re off to a good start. Digital cameras are great because you don’t have to worry about wasting film while learning lol. Regarding manual vs. autofocus, I have always used manual focus when shooting moto. I find autofocus annoying because ... more »

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Another option is a can of expanding foam insulation.

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Unadilla and Allidanu?

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My understanding is there were issues at the JDay event and there will be a meeting soon with the town of Southwick regarding the National. Hopefully they’re able to work it out. The Nationals aren’t the same without The Wick... but I’m biased

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Reply to History of Can Am in supercross? 3/18/2021 9:32 AM

No, I just ran the Cycle Works team and we focused on NESC but we’d ride events like the Southwick National or the KROC at Englishtown, NJ on off weekends. And we’d hit the Florida Winter Series. Razee’s is a great motorcycle shop and a great group of ... more »

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It was 1983 and I think it was a regional arenacross in Providence. JT broke his back racing in Australia in ‘82 and came back to Connecticut to heal up. I ran the New England Cycle Works racing team in ‘82 & ‘83 and also grew up in the next town ... more »

Reply to Who is running TBT racing suspension? reviews? 12/14/2020 12:02 PM

FWIW, Jonny did a TBT revalve on my ‘07 KX450 for Moto/WORCS racing and nailed it first try. Big improvement. Very satisfied customer and highly recommended Jonny.

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I found his hat...

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There are some studies that suggest medical cannabis can help with concussion symptoms like headache. They think it has to do with the anti-inflammation properties of cannabis. The conventional concussion wisdom is to rest for about two weeks. Cannabis ... more »

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A lot of beautiful machinery, thank you for posting. I had a flashback to 1974 of walking through the pits at an NESC race at Southwick Motocross 338 when I was a kid. What an era to grow up in.

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How much does it cost to sign up for a National? Subtract that from any purse money earned.

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LOL, well played I suppose there’s always a chance until the rig (2014 Volvo tractor and 2013 Elite trailer) is sold. But there’s already at least two interested parties that I’m aware of. So, yeah, no chance of the team continuing.

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I heard from a reliable source that Factory Connection is 100% done.

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My guess would be between $2.7 and 2.9 Million

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It’s funny how we used to ride “in” the bike as opposed to how we now ride “on” them lol

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This is how it was explained to me about 10 years ago so take it for what it’s worth: A team sponsor calculates their return on investment by the amount and quality of media coverage. The more the company logo is shown and talked about on TV, the higher ... more »