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Yeah I think you can say Good Ole Roge made him quit, and Rogered him all in the same phone call. O and while you were preaching on about un related shit, I ll brief you. Tony was bummed for sure. In three separate interviews after the news broke, he ... more »

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Yeah, well said KTM, fucked this up from top to,bottom. Would not of been to much to put a little effort in the AC situation, could of promoted this, acted like they cared and cashed in on. Tony and his family delivered , and KTM shit all over it , Some ... more »

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Wish Ping all the best. WTS is awesome, i enjoy it, and will support it. Been a fan Ping, since i read in Mxa that you "shoulda went to college" ahahaha. You've Been grinding gears ever since lol. All the best Travis

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Lol i get that feeling daily, as a reminder as im putting on my bk prosthetic leg. Its all good, wasn't from a false neutral though but those coming up short memories live on vividly.

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Bummed Get well soon man

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Yeah stepped right in Suzuki with results, and seemed to gel with the Rm. Posted here for a bit, that was cool.

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Wow, the excuses being made in here holy hell. Probably embarrassing for Max having idiots make up all these excuses. The kid has shown speed for sure, and big upside but Imo needs strength and muscle gain as he appears quite fragile and weak.

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Awesome, i love the birthday to me gifts as well, enjoy.

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Heavy, was hoping things were looking up for Scottie, from the chair thread. Understandable, as sad as it may be, RIP I Feel for his friends and family. Had to be tough on slipdog and friends close to him. Hope everyone is doing ok.

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Thought at first it was a little strange. Then no big deal show carried on. Can someone clue me in on why Randy is referred to as a legend around here? Seems like a really nice guy, will help people out but never heard of him before the show Edit* saw ... more »

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Done, Hang in there Scottie

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Like you said you were never there! No it's not overrated The reputation comes from how gnarly it used to be, it is a shell of its former self, still it's different, breaks up the monotony of the indoors.

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Weird deal,.hope he's not to banged up wanted him to win that one. Bummer indeed

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I m really cool with this. been saying all four motos need to be on same network for years and they all live. This is much better imo.

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How about putting common sense people in positions that effect these kinds of issues. Basically you get what you vote for. Keep putting these people in these places going electric won't matter one bit. They will conjure up something to come after you ... more »

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Kenny always on the losing end of these moves. Everyone knows it. I know its not his thing, but wouldn't he be doing himself a favor if he parks a few people that he owes from over the years. Guess its already pointless being buried in points 4 races ... more »

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RIP Dwayne Bummer, condolences to all who knew him. Moto industry losing to many solid guys, Been a rough stretch these last few years.

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Great Listen, awesome episode Ping! Travis through his stories, reassures us how badass these guys are at this level. The lifetime of blood, sweat and tears, the injuries, racing and training through it all is a huge part of a career. His perspective ... more »

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Haven’t seen you around here much, good to still see some of the character s from way back post, when so many are gone in some way or another. It was endless entertainment, a lot of personalities back then, made it fun! Different times now. Cheers

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Sounds rough, speedy recovery. I think he had a really gnarly pelvis injury When he was young. I remember him coming up short jumping some ridiculous gap on a mini.