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Rock,your aggressive agenda with DC is really getting old. The guy cant even post here anymore without being confronted by tards like you. Its the same shit over and over, your such a crusader for the sport, get over yourself. Could mx be better we all ... more »

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Imo hepler retired because of the injuries. I remember how his family let him live a somewhat normal life, even being a top amateur. They pushed him with his education and to have a normal life even while being a top amateur. I think it was DC or racer ... more »

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Chris197, i am in the same boat except mine is both ankles. My right is the worst being a massive pilon fracture. How long did they wait to do your fusion after your accident. They are telling me a year at least,because of the bone grafting and scope ... more »

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+1 Roooster

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I agree with your last sentence, but your 1st sentence displays your lack of knowledge concerning addiction. I agree i did not like the article, it seemed a little rushed and Healey came off as a dick. Like blaming the lady for telling him how easy it ... more »

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Cool, yamaha stepping up hope they kick ass. I thought it was shit that honda did not kick up a little support over the last couple years imo.

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Cool thread Doc, i dig these kind of posts about moto abroad. Especially The ones from Scandinavian countries. I guess its my Norwegian heritage but i really enjoy reading and watching what you guys post from up there. Hope to get over there at some ... more »

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I agree, would be something to have a series such as that. All that talent on the line, FTE is probably right on the economics. Imo the sport is to small on global scale to support it.

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Every dumb fuck euro coming out even worse than our chest pounders.

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DC, thank you for your effort and commitment to this sport. The growth in the series the last few years is impressive to say the least considering our economy. Also very cool for you to come on here over the years for the good and bad.

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Durham. Hope he comes back flying in sx. I didn't catch the last dmxs with him can someone fill me in. Is he riding?

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No shit the insurance will pay its what happens later to GH that will hurt them. The insurance company will drop them and it will be on record,so when they go to get another policy its fifty times more expensive, this can happen even if they win the ... more »

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Congrats to MCR for a great season. I think its great that Genova has vince's back. Mike G is the kind of dude i would like to ride for.

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No coolers? Pushing 100 degrees fucking lame and unsafe

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What a kick in the nuts for Mcdade. From the outside looking in that team seems like a mess this year. The racer x article really shed some light on how crazy shit gets for them trying to get to the races. I'm not knocking their effort, just seems like ... more »

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Ya i went early thinking i might get closer before it starts getting crowded. I just got on crutches so i was stoked to be able to park so close. High Point would be harder with those rocks

Started new thread Thanks Racer productions & mx sports 9/2/2012 5:48 PM

Thanks for hooking me up yesterday at steel city. Its 6 a.m. I pull up to the gate and tell Rita Coombs that im busted up and recovering from a couple broken legs and ankles and if they have some handicapp parking i' d be grateful. Then an Mx sports ... more »

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Broc Hepler, watched him grow up on mini's. His career might of turned out a little different. It seems all everyone remembers is his crashing, but he could flat out ride a bike. Was very creative on the track, i would of loved to see him race a factory ... more »

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Lumpy, are you going to be setting up a motohose booth? I'm hoping saturday is dry

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No dout TeamGreen, haha just love two nationals in my back yard would hate to see one go