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There was a push for this few years back, but the pushback was huge from the top amateurs and some industry. I think its reasonable to start pro sx at 18. Careers are lasting longer than ever before, and some top guys coming in now are delaying their ... more »

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Very talented, Great D5 family. I think his wrist injury at the tokyo sx made it tough, but he had the talent to reach the highest level of the sport. He Had some tough injuries for sure. RIP Davey

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Western Pennsylvania Turnouts for mx continue to be minimal. The sport just did a nose dive about 12-15 years ago and has never recovered. As many know District 5, could hold its own against anyone, with some legendary riders and tracks coming out of ... more »

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Oem hub with aftermarket rim of your choice. I've gone this route before. Depends on what make/model you need, but can be a quality option for decent $, if assembly isn't an issue

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This, Was their first an official letter sent to you, by the agency, before the phone call? I never heard of a US agency initiating contact through a random call, seems strange imo.

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So what was the resolution? Did the neighbor come up and ship his parts back, as was being discussed? Mx Tech offered to do it for free, probably the route i woulda took. Damn cool for him to offer that. Thats about as far as i got in the original thread. ... more »

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His days on the KTM 125 are some of my favorite memories. After witnessing some of the battles he had with brown and few others that year, you new he was a little crazy, which is fine by me. Got hosed out of his chance at a 125 title that year by mother ... more »

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Thanks for posting that, great stuff.

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Ok maybe not 90 we'll say 75-80 then thats a fact. When you combine the areas the fans are actually permitted to watch the races from its very limited viewing. Maybe you're ok with watching their helmets but i am not At least at the 4 national tracks ... more »

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The repeater banners are fucking ridiculous in so many ways. They decreased the viewing at a national by about 90%. Throw in the gay vip sections there goes the other 10%. Not to over look your point of gaining access back onto the track. Can barely ... more »

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1999 kx 250 was a blast to ride and i won races on it. Good times on that bike.

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I don't get it either! Really shitty that GH is gone again from our Nationals, in fact it fucking sucks, for a multitude of reasons. No other track in the series transfers as well to TV, nothing even comes close imo. The coverage was incredible there! ... more »

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Hope the kid is alright he hit hard. He was out of control thats for sure!! I'm also wondering about the location of that building. The edits and mockery of a downed rider regardless of circumstances is a little much imo, not my style. I get how you ... more »

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Get in shape!! Everyone gave great tips, but if your spent it won't matter. Getting in top shape is priority, it will improve your confidence, then ride ride ride, all you can. Also Riding with faster guys always helped me. Getting fit was the best thing ... more »

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Practice all you want it will never replace racing. Have you ever hole shot a race with a full gate?? -- Ain't nothing like it, i dont care what class you race, you cant get them feelings from practice. But for many practice is all they want. But for ... more »

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I agree orange frames look better on 18 but some changes on the 19 include stiffer frame, repositioned motor, updated suspension, exhaust and cooling system + few more so i would get the 19 XC

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Yep nice find- fun bike

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Ok then, lets just pretend he doesnt have a current contract! Edit*** i just saw the other thread with the Herlings interview so it is a real possibility, wow that would be incredible for the Nationals. I think his smackdown at Ironman proved he s up ... more »

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Get well soon Hope its speedy and fast