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I don't think even dumbass lazy thieves would have a hard time figuring out a truck and trailer parked at a hotel near a national motocross race would have bikes inside, stickers or no stickers. Sucks anyway you look at it, and happens way to often. ... more »

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What! Is this sarcasm, Unadilla used to be a rock garden, it pails in comparison now. They cleaned up a lot of the rocks and brought massive amounts of soft material. Almost to the point where it becomes just long continuous ruts around the track.

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Ok What the hell, lets just ban the sport, surely if we try hard enough we can save everybody from themselves! Ahaha just messing with ya, I see your point, some of them guys are damn close. Anything can happen, after that track worker almost lost his ... more »

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What I've learned over the years, in most cases, the force it takes to break a bone is not going to be prevented by any boot imo. Good boots will provide support and protection in cases of tissue/ligament damage, in sprains and twisted ankles. I think ... more »

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They should of just kept this look since 08 imo probably would of been better for them. That 08 was a sharp bike, although I'm partial to Zook's from 08 lol. The love affair with black plastic, I don't get it. With bikes being over 20lbs lighter in the ... more »

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No Durham today? I thought he was racing a 450 in some nationals.

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... more »
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Yep spot on Crush since around 05. The track seems to be on this yearly major overhaul and most times it doesn't work imo. I miss the off camber downhill sections, they were so hard to go fast on, then the pros would just kill it.

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O shit can a mod move to bazaar please thanks. Sorry Edit* I posted this in Bazaar

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Very surprised you still have this. Not many around in that condition glws

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Just take it as it comes man, make sure you buy the right bike, and don't worry about it. Just do what you said get a bike that is sound mechanically and put your money there, not in sic graphics and cool colored wheels and spokes etc. One good thing ... more »

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No weight savings with most aftermarket hubs and wheels. I think most want some cool wheels that stand out. Obviously the high end hubs will be lighter than stock. For me i always have an extra rear wheel so i can keep one setup for racing and another ... more »

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I guess the racing just isn't enough for some these days. These people are more interested in this type of shit, and are "offended" when they are not privy to all the sloppy details to a shitfest such as this. Most people I know that live and breathe ... more »

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It has to be the plastics! If only Suzuki would update the damn plastics Ken could win by 45 seconds! Lol. Well I personally would like to see a huge weight loss on the RMZ, more than anything. The bike is fun and can be picked up now for cheap.

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I would call it a surprise, but with the injuries and not many positives the last few years for Justin Hill it's not really surprising. Is he injured again, he's had a few terrible years to say the least. I know he's had injuries that has affected his ... more »

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Yep lots of self appointed insiders who are mysteriously missing from this thread. Nothing more than dorks behind a screen trying to be relevant. Hope James just finishes decent and improves week to week. We all know what the guy is capable of on any ... more »

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Thanks Langham, that tank is trick.