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You may lose a lot of the ability to twist, so a thumb throttle may be necessary.

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They do have them listed but say they aren’t available. Maybe he will hook you up for the build?

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Bump, someone come get it. Well worth the money imo.

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Dropped to $2500, need it gone soon

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On one hand, it costs a lot of tax payer dollars to house inmates; on the other, if they’re in isolation and you can mentally torture them with no way to end their life or get out, I’d say that’s worse and some people deserve it. I don’t believe every ... more »

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How old is he? Have you considered a PW50? Training wheels, a killswitch leash, the throttle governor go a long way to ensuring he doesn’t whiskey throttle or get into hairy situations. Plenty of kids came up on PWs and they’re all standing and a better ... more »

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Not sure if it’s entirely possible, but you could potentially mount a fan between the front frame spars to direct more air to the battery pack? I suppose it depends on what sensor heats up the quickest and triggers it. You could try to get it as cool ... more »

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Jesus christ, you broke your wrist on your right brace?

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“$2k for a clapped engine, bald tires, and bent forks. New frame is $1100” So $3100 for a bike you have to do a complete rebuild on. Seems legit.

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I’ll take a bike that’s been buried under a mound of dirt than a bike ridden in the dunes any day. Sand just gets everywhere.

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Usually it’s either way under, or way over. Sorta easy to gauge by the person.

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They’re okay, just louder than others. Not what you want if you wanna be as quiet as you can.

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Trade a sponsorship to Harbor Freight for some cheap panels

Maybe they’ll even have the cashier install them for you.
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I’d be interested in some. Black anodizing a possibility?

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If you used clamps from an aluminum framed bike, you need to weld material onto your frame. If you don’t, you risk sheering the end of your off if the steering stops on the lower clamp hit it hard.

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You can run newer clamps with a 1mm spacer. It’d probably be cheaper and easier for Luxon to supply the spacer with the 06+ clamps, vs. engineering new ones for a bastard year bike. I used 2013 YZ250 clamps on my 05 and they went together no problem. ... more »

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250 2t has the longer stem. 250f and 450f has a different stem, as does the 125. Not a huge difference between them, but enough to cause an issue. I wouldn’t run it as is, that’s for sure. You can press the stem out in a vise or a press. It should pop ... more »

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Nothing to be worried about. Make sure it isn’t cracked around where the chunk is missing. The race sits there so it will have no ill affect on the bearings or steering.

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Sounds like it’s time to overhaul the engine. Send the crank out to be rebuilt with a Pro-X rod if it has more than 100 hours on it. New piston, maybe a cylinder replate, new bearings and seals, maybe new tranny gears if any show signs of wear, and if ... more »

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Shoot Alta an email. They have good response time and should get back to you in a day or two. Both chargers they offer plug into a standard outlet at 120 or 240 volts. Not sure if that is feasible where you are.