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Don’t they have the best contingency programs?

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You don’t have to like them, but to hate a company that tried to do something new and innovative and actually did it well is ridiculous. It’s a shame they went out of business the way they did and only hurts the sport. Wish Honda or someone bought them ... more »

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The building had been sinking for a long time, a cm a year or something like that. That with age right next to a salt water ocean will really damage any structure, especially if not corrected properly or in time. 40 years is a long time for a subpar ... more »

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He can’t get into the US in the first place, at least legally.

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Can’t help with a recommendation, but you should be able to find a machine shop with one and ask if they would mind checking the cylinder with you. Ask what their favorite beer is and bring a 30 rack.

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Damn that is a nice view!

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Try this guy:

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Post a pic of your electrical panel and labels. Generator size is dependent on your appliances and heating, and optionally cooling if you want to run AC in summer black outs. I am an electrician and can point you in the right direction/set up.

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Have it welded, then grind it down. Only thing you can do 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Check the shift forks, they are always first to go for whatever reason. I hear it all the time that RMs bend shift forks, I’m convinced they are made of butter.

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If it’s the OEM crank, have it rebuilt vs buying an aftermarket. To ensure it’s good, you have to put it on a stand and check runout and other specs. You don’t want to get it back together to have the crank let go 20 hrs down the road.

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Acerbis makes them; I can find a few different sets for a Kawi and a Husky on eBay. Not sure what model you have.

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One in the bazaar for a nice $12k. Such nice bikes but so damn expensive, whether it’s an AF or steelie. Engines alone are always over $4k and no one makes them anymore.

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Love the build! Bike looks great! Did you buy new OEM cover or have to prep them before cerokote aside from cleaning? I bought an 04 about a month ago and plan on going through it and cleaning it up this winter. Suspension seals leak from old age and ... more »

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Seems like the engines alone go for a few grand. I see AFs posted around me for $8k+, and steelies being $5K+. Bike market is crazy right now.

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What makes the shifter “works”? May be interested.

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Have you tried searching for just the shock body or asking whoever rebuilds KYB how much one is? Should be a part number somewhere you can search.

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Have you seen if someone who does KYB susp. Could give you a quote to rebuild it?

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Throw an hour meter on, and if you really want to, 2 in the event the first one shits the bed and you’re left without a correct reading.

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Yeah I’m in the same boat as you lol. I just bought an 04 RM250 and it’s confusing as hell compared to the YZ I used to own.