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Levi is pretty much the last rider that anyone who knows the family would call a sandbagger. He has always been one of the fastest local kids but they keep it very low key. He has picked up a ton of speed in the last year by taking an opportunity to ... more »

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Same year(design) axle & spacers. You can either buy the correct caliper bracket for the forks you are running or upgrade. If upgrading I would go to the new 2007+ style MC as it makes a big difference. Your MC/caliper etc will work with just correct ... more »

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Depending on which tube you had there are ones where the hit is tamed down. That said we ran different PV settings after installing STIC on all our bikes. The added power needed the PV tuned to make it more useable. Mostly for myself my boys didn't care ... more »

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Two irons, a bead buddy & some WD-40. Leave tube in tire for mount & dismount. Easy peasy. Can do in will under ten minutes without rushing......I don't mind doing tire changes I hate taking wheels off/on bike...

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I would call George and let him know. That doesn't sound right either needle is off or tube. Raise clip a notch or two will offset the needle change though..........

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Everything's for sale for the right price...........

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18-20 are all the same. I had a bunch of them but gave them away with last bike.........

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I have a Bill's pipe but not really for sale unless a ridiculous amount of money for it lol. Looks like the ones posted above when clean. I had another and sold it for $120 about 5 years ago to an Aussie & thought he was crazy for offering that much ... more »

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Everything but plastics.......

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Both are good bikes. We have had a bunch of experience with both brands plus a few other 125's. It all comes down to rider preference. My youngest rides TC125's but umped on one buddies YZ125 & loved it then tried a different YZ125 and hated it. ... more »

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Throw a 38mm Keihin with STIC metering block on it & you won't worry about fuel injection again...........

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Usually do them myself. We have a very good sponsorship from our suspension guy but he is extremely busy so I'd rather him spend time making money doing revalves then pissing around swapping seals for us. It's a very simple job once you do a few sets ... more »

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It doesn't change what fuel you run now it doesn't require any specific fuel/octane. Frankly, I have found that a good running stockish motor running on decent non-ethanol premium gets the most benefit from the STIC. Running oxygenated race fuels can ... more »

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I've heard people have to file the top off to get enough cable slack but I never have. I have two bikes running the OEM 2018 throttle assembly & also a complete Domino system spare. Domino is a bit smoother is only difference. I do prefer the 2016 ... more »

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Uh, no whittling of needles needed that's ooold tech. There is a JD Jet kit that you can buy with everything needed. That said we ran them prior to the kit being released and ran great with std oem needles. No comment on the Lectron but the STIC is the ... more »

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I'd way rather my boys take the Hodges route vs the pro mx one. Get paid to playride? That's pretty much a dream come true. MX is about having fun riding getting paid would just be a bonus. The racing risk/reward ratio isn't even on the charts.......... ... more »

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They happen to say when? Local dealer told me not until September yet has '21 KX450's already, damnit....

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Bro....Save some for the rest of us....

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I've purchased 5 so far and multiple friends have nbought them also. Not one complaint yet. Nice thing about the KTm 125/150 platform is a ton of R&D has been done so settings are relatively easy. The main thing we have been playing with is PV springs ... more »

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Multiple ones here in the NW. A couple with a ton of extras also. I'm surprised none in your area. Should be a bunch in a couple months after Lorettas is done also......