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You must not have ever noticed how many people have crashed over the Huffman Wright jump by mechanics area. That thing is sketchy AF..........

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I have a childhood friend who owns the original NW vineyard that started the whole Pinot Noir craze. They are looking at losing 70%+ of their harvest this year. Worst loss in memory...........

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Yep, a couple years ago I diagrammed & somewhat replicated Washougals whoop section for our private track. My boys can kill it in the whoops unfortunately it is a rarely used skill -

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FGR01 & I have traded setup notes over the years. He knows his stuff.....

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Kinda glad we decided to switch to Fly after reading this. Light & fit very well with great protection. This is a terrible look for Bell especially on their flagship model. if nothing else they should want that helmet back ASAP for research purpose ... more »

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Don't have my notes convenient but will say the KTM jetting chart was very accurate. Which surprised me...

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He turned his head to look at Sexton and bike followed. 216 is a local pro in the PNW and seems to be taking it as a racing incident.........

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Absolute. Fucking. Legend..............

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I completely concur.............

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Finally got some tracks on the...track this year - View this post on Instagram A post shared by Giles Rebholz (@the_rtf_228)

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You talking about Bruce "The Suester" Barnes? Jared McNeil hit him. Bruce was technically track crew I guess not a spectator.................and yes, he sued Washougal & everyone else he could list..........

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Saw a post about a 125 race at Hangtown during nationals this year. Anyone know the scoop? Can’t find any info with a quick search. My boys would love to race it at tge Washougal round we gad a blast doing it in 18 & 19. Waiting to see if Joey L ... more »

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The place is being ran into the ground. A complete shadow of what ot wasy 10-20 years ago. This shitshow could have been at least partially mitigated with some better pre-planning & effort but Washougal seems to be riding on its reputation now. There ... more »

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I started with a TRT doc but ended up buying it "black market" from a body builder friend who has been doing it/researching for years. Way cheaper that way & actually has worked better. Like mentioned before I don't care if it happens to shorten ... more »

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Keihin 38mm Airstriker with STIC metering block makes the KTM/Husky 125 absolutely rip. I've posted my experiences before if you search. We did a ton of testing on these engines.......granted on an 18 TC125 but pretty much same engine...........

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Physics/geometry,etc. Understanding how an MX bike works and building accordingly so that the sections flow together and mistakes aren't paid for in blood. Jumps can be built so that everyone from beginner to pro can enjoy & be challenged on them. ... more »

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In my 96 Gorr ported CR144 I use a Wiseco YZ144 piston. I can track down part number. It's almost the exact same as the "custom" one it originally came with that was discontinued...........

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LA'S Totally Awesome is the shit. A guy on Wakeworld did a chemical analysis of it years ago for use in expensive wake boats. Was basically the same as Malco Professional detailer. I use that shit on everything.................. Test 0 ... more »

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Yup, I never let either of my boys ride open practice on 65/85's. My youngest was hucking stuff a lot of big bikes weren't when he was on a 65 but the physics are if he came together with a big bike he was coming out on the wrong end. Once they were ... more »

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Ive bored cases and pressed in a bronze or steel bushing before to address this issue. Just need to make sure tolerances correct and original causes addressed. I am guessing a KTM case? There bearing setup seems to lend to this issue........