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^^^This. Warm it up well, check it over & ride...........

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From wrist pin down was shattered mostly. It makes me feel slightly better to see that this probably wasn't an mechanic issue. I'm very careful on assembly plus even if something was wrong no reason for piston to shatter like it did.........

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INteresting. I think I gotcha beat though! I've used ProX with excellent results for years but not this time- 2006 YZ250 - 5 hours one piston and brand new OEM Yamaha Cylinder. 15 Hours on complete bottome end rebuild using ProX crank/OEM bearins etc.

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Located in SW Washington state- 2017 Husky TC125 - Great Shape 2nd Owner 45 hours on bike Top & Bottom end gone through within 10hrs (just because) Full Factory Connection Suspension - Bladder kit etc FMF Pipe & Silencer More stuff No trades

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I usually get my vital messages but not this time? - try Shipping is looking more enticing after dealing with the "Is this item still available" FB messages when first line of ad says "If you can read this the bike is available"................Although ... more »

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If I can't sell locally in the next week or two and you want to pay for it. I would want to make sure you understand it's a project bike. I haven't owned it very long and don't know the history of it. I was going to make a vintage racer out of it to ... more »

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1985 Honda CR 125r Located in SW Washington Bought as a project bike to restore but not time and no room to store for later. The waterpump has been rebuilt & epoxied. That is the #1 concern on this era of Hondas. It starts & runs but needs a

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Same here. I ended up completely reworking it. I have a full set if nice porting tools. It runs solid now. Even if it didn’t effect how it ran take some fucking pride in your work. Put down the chisel & step away from the cylinder...But the blatant ... more »

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So newest update - Just pulled apart one "stock" bottom end as the LH main bearing was making noise. You know one of those fancy "ceramic" bearings? Oh guess what? Not a ceramic bearing in the entire engine. What a surprise. $550 each for two bearing ... more »

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Can comment on the 134/144 but just had a CR144 done by Millenium with their M-spec kit for a friend. I am extremely picky and it was a very nice job. Initial ride it runs really strong but need more time on it for tuning..........

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Yeah it was nuts but they did a pretty good job. Track could use a few changes so isn't so one lined. Needed more water but Charlie turned down my offer to help which would have included a better watering rig than they currently have, lol. Overall a ... more »

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Ours came with a FMF. Got dented so threw a stocker on with FMF silencer & kid didn't really notice a difference. I just got a big lot of parts from a friend which had a PC setup in it. I decided to throw it on for giggles last weekend. Kid noticed ... more »

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As long as same type oil you shouldn't have an issue. I've switched synthetic to synthetic many times with no issues between HP2 & Maxima K2. And I am picky as heck about fuel stuff. As for actual brand -any quality synthetic oil will work fine....... ... more »

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I posted a "foolproof" write up awhile back. I change a ton of tires ill even do it at track for people if they pull off bike. Easy as ever & rarely have any issues...........All you should need for tools is two spoons & a bead buddy....Obviously ... more »

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Which is obviously a mistake. Gotta love Ebay..............Matt is hands down one of the best Ebay sellers I've ever dealt with. He buys quite a few brand new bikes to part out. Saved my ass numerous times.............

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I don;t think they ever made a OEM non-mag cover for that year but I could be wrong. Most don;t have any notation on them from what i have seen. As long as dry with no moisture should be fine. If concerned clean and primer the coolant passages...

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That address is a condo complex. It's incomplete without the unit number. Easy to get a list of owners but he probably rents........

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WTF? Matt is't a scammer I know him personally and purchased from him numerous times. Lives right near me......

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I run a standard +2mm Yamaha YZ125/144 piston in my Gore 96 CR144. The original part number he spec'd was discontinued but I just use a specific Cometic base gasket & it rips............ Just had another one built by Millenium for a friend & ... more »

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I would just replace the whole throttel assembly with a mid-90's up CR one. Much smoother & easier to get parts/cables for. What I did on my '87 CR250 as the stock throttle is janky...........