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Received mine yesterday as well. Even better than expected. Ridiculous quality.

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Can’t wait for mine! Beautiful work.

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Anything special needed to fit to a 07 CR125 other than spacers until I find forks I want to put in them?

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Going to the Louisville Arenacross (don’t remember the year) and hearing about this hotshot Ben Riddle. Watched him and it was game over for me.

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It has certainly slowed down the purchases for my 125 build I’m working on. Was hoping to have it done by now. Have plastics and graphics that finally showed up. Still need a few engine parts that are going to have to wait until work picks back up. Crappy

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Hell, I'd pay money for just the file so I could print one! That's awesome.

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Wow, they all look awesome! I'd say you satisfied that itch for a custom helmet and then some!

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Would be worth giving Brandon at Ridersurance a call. WWW.RIDERSURANCE.COM He's an ex racer turned insurance salesman and provides insurance to a lot of the pros. I've always had great experiences with his insurance and have never been denied a claim while on one ... more »

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Welcome! I'm actually in The Colony as well. Haven't been riding much lately but try to get out every once in a while.

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Done by @realinkgraphics. left a comment 1/12/2011 3:07 PM

Sorry, ignore my question......i have found one. left a comment 1/11/2011 8:31 AM

Hi mate.

How have you got the Cycra plate to fit??


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Don't have much really on this computer... Got a pic from the other side and an action shot. I'm gonna look around. I know I've got some riding videos that I can post up if I can find them.

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sec114 left a comment 12/1/2010 2:13 PM

i have a friend with a stock 07 cr125 that has a bad bog. any info on how to clean up this carb issue. once on pipe it is ok, but tight corners and landing from some jumps and a dead pan bog. i know this is a common problem for a couple years with the old cr's. all i can think of is a larger aftermarket float bowl.

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one two five

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I spent a few days with him up at GPF a few weeks ago and obviously he'll be on the lites bike this year. He also added that he "hoped" to be on the 450 after outdoors. He has one that he plays around on and he looked really good on it to me. X2 on wanting ... more »