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Oh man - I have ridden with a lever like that for months and it didn't bother me. Webb is 1000 times the rider ill ever be and so I think its BS that the lever slowed him. He shouldnt have used that excuse because guys that actually ride will now know ... more »

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Yeah - definitely some jabs at Kawasaki which must mean Eli has got some seriously pissed off Kawasaki Execs breathing down his neck because he has crashed more times than I think they were used to with RV2.

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So with the ridiculous conjecture floating around here about Dungey returning and JS7 still being "not done", The interview TWMX did with RV2 got me thinking...He mentions that had he changed colours during his time actively racing it may have even lengthened ... more »

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every redplate holder this season has gone out with an injured shoulder...lets hope JA21 wears some shoulder pads at A2

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I think Malcolm knows now he is not "hot property" like he thought he was ala Barcia and he is gonna lay it all down like this ride means everything. Worked for Barcia, so I hope the same for Mook.

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Mookie WAS in the photo - before he was cropped out.

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18inch rear wheel, weight the fly wheel. and dont forget the headlight BRO

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in the replay you can see him struggling to get the pant strap in the clip - he was either stressing his tits off or he had rang his bell so hard he couldn't do a simple thing like that. Im 99% sure it was the former and he just freaked out - his DNF ... more »

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I have the 735XT - its a triathlon watch. Rather look at the fenix range for moto as they are built more for rough environments. Polar M400 is what I use on the bike because it ticks all the boxes and optical HR only (which the 735xt has) works accurately ... more »

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LMAO - Would I put my multimillion $ factory ride at stake over some track-snack? Definitely not

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Maybe Eli just had a random fall like the rest of us have had and he unfortunately fell on his shoulder(s) which we all know are compromised because of his injuries and when he got up he saw an actual dragon unclip his pants which made him freak out ... more »

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Man, this is good for the riders receiving sponsorship but this company needs to differentiate because their designs are literally a copy from the design of their actual logo to the design theme and colours they have used on the gear and even marketing. ... more »

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The racing seemed pretty good to me. I enjoy watching guys race on difficult tracks. A perfectly groomed track is boring as hell and wont make racing any different. ruts are hard. motocross is hard. Roczen still pulled 3hour gaps on 2nd place as he has ... more »

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im gonna be rooting for a South African rider - Matthew

he should turn some heads.
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James at his peak was better than anybody else at their peak. and that's what I'll never forget. Natural Skill, raw speed, he was just unmatched. (Come at me GOAT lovers - RC was the best human, James was from another planet) If he calls it quits he ... more »

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man....TP still does crazy things, the extension on that Nac is barbaric

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LOL. definitely a done deal, his Lambo proves he enjoyes Italian equipment

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practice like you race for intensity purposes, and if possible do it on unfamiliar terrain since you aren't keen on a prerun. In SA we don't ever prerun courses and its a new track for everybody on the first lap in our offroad/H&H style racing which ... more »

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The Flo yellow Fox gear that Kenny has used with his Flo yellow plastics looks awesome. Matches pretty nicely. I know you're a Thor guy but Fox wont disappoint you... after years of Thor and Answer I bought the new 360 and Flex Air stuff and the gear

... more »