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I heard he crashed on the warm up jump? Very strange DAM - Just saw the above post RIP

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Bring back little trucks and let them on the motocross track!

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Been talk about this type of TV coverage on MotoGP too. Some riders don't like it. Some find solace in knowing the downed rider shows signs of movement.

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First congratulations on still racing at 61! I'm over 50 and have work done to both of my knees. Get the surgery and do the PT till you get full range of motion back. Take off work as long as you can afford to do so. Your job now is to get back to where ... more »

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I'm surprised no one said anything about the title sponsor and the said riders sponsor...........

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ZAP - like brap

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My childhood imaginary friend would always pee in my bed. That jerk got me in so much trouble.

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A $2000. Ford E150 panel van was my garage when I lived in Santa Cruz. Had all my moto gear, bikes, tools and stuff in it. I had an alarm on it and never had any problems. I kinda miss the moto van just get in and go.

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I have been using Anti Gravity jump packs for years. I carry a small pocket size one when I go on rides. More often I help people out and do my good dead for the day. Great product and good service.

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I like seeing these posts. I still have mine after all these years.

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I just bought the roll up one for my long bed Tacoma. I can roll it up and cinch it an fit my bike in with the tailgate up. The trifold one I'd have to remove and store it if I wanted to haul my dirt bike.

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I used to race DH MTB so it's always been a full Dinese jacket for me. On my 450 at the MX track I'll even put a chest protector over it. That plus everything else, knee braces with shin and knee pads, kidney belt too. I like to tuck & roll out of

... more »
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Always nice to see XR75's. I still have mine after all these years. Right now my BMX collection hangs from the rafters. I never thought of putting up a motorcycle. Good Luck, post some pic's when you get it done.

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I'm 52 6' and 240lbs so it was the 450 for me. I grew up on two strokes so I picked up a CR250R for fun. Now I bring both to the track. 450 for racing and battling on the MX track. The 250 two stroke - so much fun for railing ruts, shifting gear and ... more »

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It's always hard hearing that kind of news. I'd like to think if my number came up I'd want to go out with my boots on. Godspeed

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I received a text that Chis Ow went down. I hope it's not true.

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I was suprised when I received full asking price for my kids CRF80. I ended up selling it for more than I bought it. That doesn't happen quite often with dirtbikes.

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I've had mine for about 3 years. I use it on my bike and around the house. I even hooked it up to hot water and cleaned all my old greasy VW parts. I purge it and drain it with each use. The small size is nice for storing too.

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McGrath and KTM