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Reply to opinions? 12/24/2011 6:44 AM

I guess that's a never ending debate and I'm on the side that it does potentially damage the gears. But even if it doesn't 49 of 50 times, why risk it. Isn't that why they call it an "impact" gun? Because there is a metal to metal impact which follows ... more »

Reply to SX ad no Reed ? 12/24/2011 6:08 AM

I don't think they were photographed together, but photo shopped from individual photos. So even if he were in Aus he could be in the poster. Must be some other reason. Can't think of any good ones though.

Reply to opinions? 12/23/2011 9:41 AM

One of the initial ones I made used bolt heads for that, 1/4-20 allen head fits the valley of the sprocket perfect. I was thinking that people would not want to spend the time to be moving bolts around, maybe a bad decision? I'll have to revisit that. ... more »

Reply to opinions? 12/23/2011 5:51 AM

First, I want to thank you guys for taking the time to respond. Then address the adjustable tool idea. We wrote the patent to cover an adjustable tool to have that option at some time. When deciding what to make, we figured most people would want just ... more »

New thread opinions? 12/22/2011 9:01 PM

So the other day I saw a thread asking for opinions on some shirt designs and it's clear that this crowd tells it like it is. So, I would like to ask your opinions on a new tool I designed and made. it seems every time I try to get the counter shaft ... more »

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Reply to Elsinore's new track prep tool... 12/22/2011 6:47 AM

"are you Kidding me" 10 minutes of that?

Reply to Roger D talks about the new Factory Edition 450 SX-F 12/22/2011 6:34 AM

It's interesting how many of you define success. Is success Dungey doing equal to or better than last year, or KTM doing equal to or better than last year? My wife would just answer this "yes." But for the purposes of this thread they are really 2 separate ... more »

Reply to Our latest shirt design 12/18/2011 8:44 AM

As a potential customer, it's just too much going on, but I'm an old guy and my tastes may not be reflective of the younger crowd TM

Reply to Honda and the 2/4 stroke........ 12/18/2011 8:27 AM

I seem to remember reading that comparison a few years back about the efi 2S being more eco friendly than the 4S machines. However they factor in things like what to do with the oil from an oil change vs no oil change on 2S machines (no transmission ... more »

Reply to New GoPro Competitor 12/16/2011 7:21 PM

I've seen the go pro hd at Costco last week @ $140. I was thinking I'ld rather have the replay xd. But at $140 for the go pro I might just get the go pro. TM

Reply to MY Early Xmas Present... 12/16/2011 7:12 PM

Brings back memories, my son got his pw50 for Xmas when he was 5. I didn't ride before then. I had to get a bike shortly there after just to follow him around. It ended up becoming the passion of his life and the one thing that kept us together over ... more »

Reply to What advice would you give James? 12/13/2011 8:56 PM

In reality, surround yourself with good people that you respect and are willing to listen to. Not people that are just going to do what you tell them. I don't think any one has better skills than James. I think what the others RD, RV,... bring to the ... more »

Reply to What advice would you give James? 12/13/2011 8:37 PM

Or under them

Reply to Mikey's new JT lid... 12/13/2011 5:48 AM

I like the color scheme not so much the shape either. Couldn't exactly explain why, buy just know what I don't like or do like when I see it. Favorite bike so far is still CR22s last Vegas ride.

Reply to Would anyone be interested in a two stroke only magazine? 12/11/2011 9:10 PM

Short answer is no. Long answer involves questioning why go after a shrinking market? Whether you love 2S or not, the reality is you have less and less potential clients every year. So one would wonder if you have plans of eventually being profitable ... more »

Reply to Malcolm Stewart unrecognizable.. 12/11/2011 7:40 AM

I think he lives in the shadow of James so much he needs to do things out of the ordinary to become his own self. It must be hard always being known as "James's little brother". Is it out of the ordinary in relation to other people. maybe, maybe not. ... more »

Reply to Wrench Help 12/10/2011 10:01 AM

Since you asked, take a look at a totally cool little tool for anybody who has a Honda, Yamaha, or KTM. Anybody who does any maintenance on their bike has at one time or another completely struggled with getting their counter sprocket ... more »

Reply to Best Aftermarket Ingenuity: 12/10/2011 6:30 AM

Thanks Scottie, We are hoping to get some magazine reviews to get some awareness. When I talk to people every single one has had a bad experience at one time or another doing this. Thanks again

Reply to Wrench Help 12/9/2011 8:08 PM

What bike does he ride?

Reply to Best Aftermarket Ingenuity: 12/9/2011 7:59 PM

So I don't know that I'll be able to beat old farts pick but we just came out with a new product for a problem that no one has tried to tackle yet. It's a tool for getting the nut or bolt off the counter sprocket shaft, creatively named the Counter Sprocket ... more »