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How in the he## they ruled it a suicide is beyond me. A beautiful young woman hanging naked from the balcony, hands tied behind her back, neck NOT snapped like you'd expect if jumped/dropped. And they rule it suicide. Shame on the SDPD. And also signs ... more »

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It's funny how the more money we throw at the schools the worse they get. Maybe some change is in order? My guess is that if you throw more money again, you still won't see any improvement. Many years ago I spent many business trips to Aus. One of my ... more »

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What's the possibility of adding a class next year that is truly an anything class? Set a minimum weight limit for the bike, 30+ old riders and allow elect or ICE. Likely that age are the only ones who can afford them at this point. On the local level ... more »

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Ha, first thing I thought when I saw the title was Jethro telling Jeb Jethro-We learned gazintas today in school. Jeb-Gazintas? Jethro- You know 2 gazinta 6 three times Yup, anything you don't like is protest worthy. And everybody has a huge soap box ... more »

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You say that like the only camera recording was what they are showing. You realize there is a lot more being recorded than what you're seeing. TM

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I'm going to have to stop going to snopes and start going to apl's to find out the truth for all things interweb

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Do trials riders rev the engine and hold the clutch so the gyroscopic forces create a stability while not moving? Just a thought. TM

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My Dad told my sisters you get x amount. You can have a nice (not lavish) wedding with that or go cheap and use it as down payment on first house. Figure it out. TM

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Yep, totally sucks. If you buy the unit, even if they claim you are only buying the right to use it, it seems that you should be able to fix it to "use" it. TM

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mucho caliente!!