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Well let's be real, if he isn't dominant, where does his career go from here?

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What on Earth are you even trying to ask? What would it matter, the overlap is irrelevant. Even if every single person who watched the broadcast is a KR fan and follower, his personal instagram has a larger reach.

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From the data I can find, Atlanta 3 had the most viewers on the season with just over 600K. Every post Ken makes on IG in theory reaches an additional 400k people over those who watched the race. They might not be super stoked about the situation, but ... more »

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lol I'm picturing him trying to find a contact in his phonebook and having to scroll past hundreds of "DO NOT ANSWER" contacts.

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I think the logical analysis is that those are "great seasons" in the sense that far more people finished below them, yet they are probably lower than the expectations or goals that each rider had set for themselves.

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I want these BNGs on my 2021.

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Man it must really chap your ass that you're out the 45 views on your helmet cam video huh. Also, I find no practical difference in mounting my Hero 9 to my fender vs a helmet mount.

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Oh, it's gorgeous, and the hiking is great with awesome access to the mountains. However, the population is entirely crunchy hippies that have lived there since the 70s, college kids looking to party, and uber-rich people who want everything their way. ... more »

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Boulder is a fucked up place. I hate nearly everything about that town.

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The largest difference between MX and F1/Nascar however is that I cannot go buy and F1 car or a NASCAR. Look above in this thread at all the dudes saying "leave open bikes for men" and shit like that. You think that MX dudes are gonna take the AMA/manufacturers ... more »

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This is perfect.

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Additionally, he's also a Thor rider just like the Star team.

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Yeah, 2-strokes are why Karting is on TV every Saturday then right?

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You may want to reconsider that position. Cannabis helps achieve flow state. Also I'm no professional athlete, but I definitely can recognize times in my life where I smoked and then spent 4 hours cleaning or whatever and it feels like minutes, and say what you want, but that's ... more »

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Is that where the off-camber turn was in the track map?

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I'd be interested to read/listen to that if you could recall where it is.

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"If the car in front stops on the highway and gets rear ended, how's it the rear car's fault? Asking for a friend"

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That's how Ando got around Barcia. Barcia went around the hump and Ando went right over it and around Barcia.