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Seems like it’s been a year or two since I raced there!

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Our thoughts and prayers go out to Carter and Scotty, Lori and Jordan. They are such an awesome family. My daughter is heading for the gym and decided this should be her workout shirt for today. (a little Biese Brothers merch)

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I have attended Millville nearly every year since their first national in 1983. Hoping they are able to hold a national later in the season. But, just in case, I'll be heading to Ironman this year for the first time.

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One of my favorite pics of Ricky I shot at Millville many years ago. Glad to hear he has been progressing so far.
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From uncut sheet of Hi Flyers 1992 Champs and Rising Stars that I am sending out to Davey @ Racerx. ... more »
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" Bobby Hewitt: “Dean has been a part of our program for many years. I am very excited to have him back under the truck for the remainder of the 2019 AMA Supercross Championship Series.” " Obviously not a full factory ride, being "under the truck" rather ... more »

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Lots of memories here.. Came off of a JT1 to a 1972 LT2 MX as a first "race bike", but didn't get to race my first race until 1974.

Then in 1974 got an MX100 and won the first 2 motos I ever entered. Have only kept a few special trophies ... more »
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Another good spot is at the jumps leading into the big whoop section, particularly on the start/first lap when everyone is still bunched up after the first couple corners...

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Lots of good info above. My personal favorite is the hill area across the track from the food court. The pic below is part of what you see from sitting there. Kind of steep sitting area but you can see a ton of the track. Definitely worth heading over

... more »
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Medford Wisconsin 42 years

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RJ @ Millville
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This kid is pretty amazing. Designer for Fly gear, hell of a good mx rider, mountain biker, river surfer, etc..

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I'm curious to know why there is a Yamaha DT1 in the line up?

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Given that the MXA info says all the new bikes will be in dealer showrooms in "June 2018", the dealers better get selling those 18's. lol

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Sadly, it won't be Yamaha dropping a new 2019 YZ125. Sure dumped a bunch of R&D money into the new 250F and YZ85 though. One out of two ain't bad.

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Oh and DC... maybe provide telescopes at the entry gate for each of us, since my favorite viewing spot at Millville is about the length of four sx tracks away from the scorers tower. I’ll need the telescope to see this new live timing tower. Thanks buddy! ... more »

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Comin' at you!

(Me on the end of the line)
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Does it look anything like this?

Sorry...Having had L4-L5 and L5-S1 herniated disc surgery (Laminectomy) I know it's no joke! I spent 4 months in Chiro with no relief, inversion table with no relief, PT with no relief and finally had the Laminectomy ... more »
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1983 Millville 125 Barnett/Lechien