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I finished my 1990 300 with about 60% restore a couple weeks ago. So I didn’t pull the motor nor repaint frame. But everything else came off at some point and received attention. I appreciated your enthusiasm for the older KTM series. I enjoyed the process.

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Thanks brother for the info and effort through your response. I checked with a welding shop that does custom mufflers and one concern was putting too much heat on the steel and making it brittle. Frame rail replacement was also discussed briefly. My ... more »

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Sandman, I’m restoring back to stock a 95 CR 250. I also have bent lower frame tubes. I was intrigued by how yours were pulled out. Did you do the work or have someone do it? If you had someone do it how did you find them? I was going to leave mine the ... more »

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Not sure if a repost but a very extensive collection of 70s and 80s bikes. I’m not sure of the prices relative to a good buy.

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Thanks for the comments about the DJI Mavic. I just watched a review video and was blown away about its features. I had no clue the camera or any other one could follow a selected target much less fly up to 4 miles away and go up to 16,000 feet. Would ... more »

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Help me understand how being critical of what some may see as his fiancés self promotion any different of being critical of the track medical staff. Maybe someone here knows one of the tracks medics and can offer some insight on his personality type ... more »

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Having been a helmet painter for many years in the 80s and early 90s i would offer these suggestions, 1. Have a good idea of what you want. Colors and artwork included. It’s best if you have a known example and want that copied or want elements of several ... more »

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It’s unfortunate that the criticism appears to be on a group making an effort to deter looting and I see nothing negative about those exploiting the devastation of the fires. It may not be the best way to get your message across but with how it is getting ... more »

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Great find and thanks for showing it. The adventure market continues to grow and grow. For those of us interested in this style the Honda 450 Rally is a dream come true. If the sales of the 250 are any indicator and as long as this isn’t a $20,000 motorcycle ... more »

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Absolutely stunning representation of that year. Great job.

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Wet sanding with brake cleaner.... Interesting. Why not use lacquer thinner? It’s a little less hot as a cleaner but in my experience doesn’t evaporate as quickly. It will melt plastic but doesn’t brake cleaner? Otherwise great job. I have Evo MX for ... more »

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Wow... Great job on the tank. What was your process on the radiator guards. Man those look great. What was the plastic polish you used? I have white plastic to clean up now on a 1990 KTM 300 and my 95 Honda. I’m dreading the process since I just have ... more »

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45.27 to 45.38 says it all.... Wow. Amazing that was an actual Motocross GP race. This has to be one of the narliest tracks these men raced on. Great upload Rob and I enjoyed your personnel insight. It’s that kind of stuff that makes vital so enjoyable. ... more »

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Being a member of other forums I can easily say Vital sets a very high standard. All the other forums I go to are fully dependent upon its membership to create content. Certainly the members here are also a huge part of the atmosphere and content. It’s ... more »

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It keeps looking better and better. Great insight on how to straighten the fins in the radiator. Thank you for that. I love these early 92 to mid year steel framed Honda’s. Keep the inspirational images coming.

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Great looking bikes. Just purchased a KTM 300 6 Days 1990. I see your 1990 125 has excellent condition graphics. Are those original or replacements? I’m going to try and restore as much as the original graphics as I can. Can’t find a front headlight ... more »

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Outstanding effort. Great job on the air box. Seeing your efforts inspire me with regards to eventual clean up on my 95 250. I would have purchased a used 92 in 250 if I could have found one relatively close to me. Your 92 is in great shape considering ... more »

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What financial institution pays 5% on a savings account of 500k?

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I also thought the price was too high. But..... you are obviously dealing with a seller who simply doesn’t seem to care if it sits there or not. I doubt he is highly motivated to rid his yard of it. Based on how you responded I would easily buy it. Just ... more »

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Presently working on a restore myself my attitude is do you have the time for it? Do you enjoy the process of taking something like that as far as you can? Are parts still available? Do you have an interest in 80's to begin with? I have a 1987 KTM 250 ... more »