Added a comment about video The Fighter - Featuring Josh Grant 12/31/2012 11:15 AM

"Rocket Ronnie"! Congrats and HNY! You have just made me actually log on and be a member for the first time ever on a message board because you are such a maggot barney I could not help myself! Going after and talking about the Grants 2 year old son....or anyones 2 year old son.....Talk about "Fake Tough Guy"...Your the biggest Fake tough guy surfing the virtual chat rooms!....If you had a problem at the track with the Grants, or any other human for that matter then you should of handled it at the a real man.....not behind a keyboard at 4 in the morning like a "Fake Tough Guy".....I feel good spitting venom at spode barney like you....pat on the back to me!!....I dont ever have to comment on a message board ever again now!....My career is over!...Good Luck to the Grants in 2013 and every other racer talented enough to line up in 2013 and make the best season of racing ever.......and "Racing Ronnie"...Get Beat in 2013 you Maggot Kook!

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