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The CRC has been hosting Grand Prix events in SoCal since 1972. On September 6 they held The Last Ever LACR GP with the motocross finale on the 25th. For many this track was the place to go and race at after the closing of Indian Dunes in 1985. ... more »
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Ricky Carmichael gives a thumbs up after winning three monster trophies in the 1988 NMA World Mini Grand Prix. Who could that be standing behind Ricky?
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Ron Turner and Stu Peters were at Perris Raceway for round two of the Trans-Cal. The next race will be October 17 at Racetown in Adelanto. I will be there with camera in hand.
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The night that team JWRP came out to play on their BMX bikes. OCIR
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Corona Raceway MX Reunion -- Getting together with SoCal racers is always lots of fun. I'm the guy up front with the artist cap.
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DG sent me this envelope in January 1976 when postage was only 13 cents. Gary Harlow was a good customer and did buy pictures. Yes, there was a check enclosed. Craze -- Two out of three ain't bad. The three DG riders were Bob Hannah, Davey ... more »
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My daily view of negatives under the magnifier on the light box. Can you identify these three DG team riders from OCIR?
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MXinOC -- Seems like every time that I open up my file cabinet a picture of Skinner pops up.
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MXinOC -- Hello #925 Ty Richey. I hope you break ground soon -- great seeing you at the Swolen gathering.
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Todd Campbell and Scott Brown were among other former mini stars who joined the fun at the Harry's Cycle Sales reunion.
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Chip Vogel and Paul Denis -- enjoying a cold one at the reunion.
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The Harry's Cycle Sales Reunion had a great showing of HCS team riders and many other motocross guests.
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Messer's in a mess -- about as close as it gets! Irwindale Raceway
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What's Don Emler caught doing here? Actually, he was politely asked by Gary Harlow to remove an FMF sticker off of the DG van. Guess one of the FMF fans misplaced it there. Gary should have just placed a DG sticker on the FMF van and it would ... more »
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See you at the reunion. Did anyone get in touch with #201 Pete H.?
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cmcomet -- Hello Jamie Oliver! #408 is seen so many times in my negative archives. From an XR75 to this YZ125 racing between Saddleback and OCIR. I hope to see you at the Harry's reunion on May 15.
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Posey found out why some called it "Crashcot". Ascot Park
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Join me this Sunday (April 18th) for the 44th anniversary open house and bike show at Anaheim-Fullerton Harley. I'm going to show the baddest Sportster on the planet. There will be a band and free food at noon.
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Paul Boudreau tested and raced this Can-Am for the September 1975 issue of Motocross Action Magazine. Saddleback Park
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Rex Staten and his pictures taken at the 1st Annual Tim Buck's Old-Pro Bench Racing Get-Together on March 19th.