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Normally I run 14.5psi, I went riding a few months ago and didn't check the pressure. The trail was a mix of hardpack clay and sand whoops, in the whoops my front got headshake that my bike hasn't ever had before. Got back to the truck and checked the ... more »

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I built my PC in 2010 and it's still going, your problem isn't windows it's the PC company you're buying crap PC's from.

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As someone who has spent 3-6 months a year since 2014 in hotels for work, camper all the way. I've found bedbugs in a hotel that was $150.00 per night. Got them in my old house, took $2500 to get it treated. I check every hotel now, no matter how nice ... more »

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My bike is financed, all I needed was proof of insurance.

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My bike is insured and not titled, I refuse to title it because Kansas doesn't provide anywhere to ride, the handful of tiny riding areas are federal.

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Handguards, Thermo-Bob, sparkarrestor.

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This is a standard height 2019 Transit 250, bark buster shields leave little marks on the door frame, but it fits!

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I wasn't saying you don't know how to run a dyno, I said they can be very misleading to people who don't understand the variables. Post up the full test so everyone can see the data, not just a screen shot that can be zoomed in to make .25hp look like ... more »

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Why don't you include the scale in your photo? Also you can't add other other mods like an airbox cover and mapping and then say it was a filter. You need to put the factory filter back in and test with the same cover and mapping to be a fair comparison. ... more »

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So you buy a 350 because 450's have too much power, then you spend all this time and money trying to make more power... You could just buy a 450 and work on throttle control, no modifications needed.

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Everyone saying cheaper bikes check out the TTR, KLX, and CRF-F line of bikes. They are cheap entry-level bikes that people can start riding offroad with. Then as a stepping stone the Yamaha YZ line, and when they are ready to really drop some coin they ... more »

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We also don't know if he has any long term health issues, not like doing the old man shuffle puts much strain on the lungs.

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Everyone was so surprised when Coop came back the next week, that crash was nasty. This goes to show how much damage was actually done, also shows his grit by racing the whole supercross series.

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You have the numbers on cracked frames, please share!

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Hahaha 1 to 2 hp from a filter.... my bobble head added 10 hp when I bolted it to my handlebars!

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Welds are generally the weakest point, looks like you proved it!

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I have to disagree with the cost of ownership BS, I've owned 2 and 4 strokes and still have both. I run topends twice as long on the 4 stokes and I've never had to change a valve. I have had power valve failure on my 2 strokes, also had the piston ring ... more »

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I'm 5'7 and have been on the 450 for 2 years. The newest generation (2018 450, 2019 250)actually fits shorter riders better. The seat is low, 1.5 inches shorter at the back of the seat compared to my 07 250F. If you get one just move the handlebars to ... more »

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That frame is begging for a 2-stroke conversion.

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I worked at a Trek/Specialized shop for 3 years in college. I won't buy a carbon frame, I know they are "stronger" than the aluminum ones on test benches, but I've seen a lot of broken carbon frames. The only aluminum frames that broke were ones that ... more »