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No way is he 100%, shoulder injury I believe.

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I don't think I've ever wash my bike in the same spot, move around the yard and have never noticed any buildup of dirt/sand. Having an area with an infrared heater would be pretty sweet though...

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Gas tank for a small generator for the longer rides!

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Only 450 sx win for Andrew Short was on a stock honda engine if I remember correctly.

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My brother has had to rebuild his master cylinder several times and has replaced the slave cylinder once. My cable pull clutch in the same spane has required a couple lubes. Something to think about as people keep wanting hydraulic clutches on everything. ... more »

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I liked the way this bike looked so much that I went out and bought it...
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Oxygen is bigger than nitrogen. Edit: Oxygen is heavier than nitrogen, but slightly smaller. Still It's so close that it doesn't really matter. Air forks come with bicycle shock pumps, not nitrogen regulators.

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I've initially charged my shocks with nitrogen and then adjusted with a bike shock pump for the last 12 years. I think that dry gas is best, but you could just have a dryer on your air line.

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This is why I don't run number plate backgrounds...

Started new thread WR vs YZFX 10/29/2019 5:55 AM Interesting comparison, I haven't felt my FX's suspension as being too stiff for single track, but I also haven't ridden it back to back with a WR.

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"I'm the most tolerant mother fucker on this site! I hold doors open, even for fags acting like they're gay. People should act exactly the way I believe they should act, if they're different or get offended it's because they're nazi's!" I really think ... more »

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Ethylene Glycol is better at everything other than the toxicity, that's why it still used in almost every car produced. Engine Ice has a good marketing department though...

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Midsize trucks are also more fun off-road when the trails get tight.

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Unless it was talked about and agreed on before the race, I wouldn't expect Eli to pay anything.

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I bought my FX specifically so I wouldn't have to do anything to it other than gas and ride. Ended up adding wraparound handguards and a thermostat. That's it, been the best bike I've ever owned!

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According to JT$ and Steve, Reed is still pulling in at least 300k a year from all of his sponsors. I would totally race for top 10's for 300k a year!

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JMart did pretty good for a year and a half off the bike!

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$200 +4 hours of volunteer work a year per family here. Gets you a SX, 2 MX, flat track, vintage mx, and some single track to ride on. It's crazy hardpack though, but they are finally bringing in some mulch to mix in to it. I grew up riding sand and ... more »