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I waited until just after the one year mark to grease my 19 Yamaha 450, everything was well greased. The swingarm and Linkage could have gone longer, the lower shock bearing was the only thing that really needed new grease.

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I jumped right onto my 19 from a "normal" bike and had no issues adjusting to anything. It runs great, turns way better than magazines would lead you to believe, and is super stable. It's definitely front wheel biased for turning, but I've never been ... more »

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I'm sure the service manual says to check that the retaining ring is seated correctly. Note your 17 was the exact same design, so take that for what it's worth. In all honesty I'm surprised more people don't get injured by working on their own bikes. ... more »

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Does anyone really need support from their local dealers anymore? The only time I go to a dealer is to buy a bike, otherwise it's just ordering parts online. Local dealers don't have anything in stock, and it seems like a week or two is always the lead ... more »

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I used to work for a company called Knipp, the owners last name was Knipp. Guess what the shirt he wore everyday said? Also his hat, jacket, engineering paper, note pad, thermos, pens, laptop...

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"Due to lag time in reporting, official data on 2020 deaths will likely not be released until late 2021 or early 2022. However, preliminary weekly data can provide estimates of how the pandemic affected deaths in the US this year." Basically October ... more »

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Cloudcroft is fucking awesome!

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I call it a plunger since you push it in, the opposite of the old carburetor chokes. It basically opens the butterfly valve a little to increase the idle rpm. You push it in, let your bike run for a minute or so, and just twist the throttle forward to ... more »

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I ride in weather down to the teens on occasion, the thing to remember is to warm a lithium battery by cranking in a few short bursts like mentioned above. I run a thermostat on my bike because I found it to never fully heat up riding below 60°. I still ... more »

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That's the closeout gear section on

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Who is paying $8000 for a year old race bike? I've got some "new" used parts I can sell them as well...

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A-Ray has said $50,000 per year, it took me until I was 30 to beat that. I would have totally raced in my 20s to get free bikes, parts, gear, and a salary.

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Leg injury, can't grip the bike.

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Was in line to get my COVID vaccine, and this is the wall art I got to stare at!

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Seems like the engine cases, frame, and swingarm would need changed as well...

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KX250X is the same transmission as the mx version. The FX has a simi close ratio 6 speed so it may be more versatile.

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I thought it was human growth hormone, pretty sure ML had posted it somewhere.

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I wear one all day, sometimes I drive home and forget I have it on. Really not as big of a deal as some make it out to be.

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$1040 seems like an odd amount for a fine lol.