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Please make the part 3 10+ hours. Love it!

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Whiskey throttle show is awesome. Just listened to Chad episode part 1 and was not dissapointed. I usually cringe abit when GL interrupts a guest with his own storys but this time it was really intresting hearing GLs side aswell since he raced and partyed ... more »

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This was the first time I ever muted a race, and I did it right after Ralph said that Daytona "is THE biggest dirt bike race in the WORLD" Couldnt believe what I heard.

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Will follow! Doing the same thing on a rm125 -02 that I got cheap.

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Do any of you guys that rows have a bad back? I have 3 herniated discs in my lower back and would really like to start rowing again. I did row alot before my back problems...

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I put newer kxf pegs on my 03. Had to grind them down abit to sit leveled to the ground. Turned out great.

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Will follow since im also tearing down my 03 kx250 this winter. Nice suspension btw! How did you like the revalve?

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Joke article? The way youre writing you have us believe that Kevin Horgmo didnt finish good. But he got 2nd. But you seem to praise Mikkel Haarup when he gets 3rd?

And Moosdijk rides Kawasaki, not Suzuki lol.

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Been following him since he started with his vlogs. Awesome kid! Also saw him live at the Uddevalla gp in -17 when he was still riding a 125. He threw the biggest whip of the weekend off of the huge tabletop were I was standing.

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My wp forks on my 18 250fc is miles better than the forks on my crf450 -16

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Håkan Carlqvist

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Zach Osborne.

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Because the americans believes that their SX series is the center of the whole dirtbike world.

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Saw him om the list aswell. Really wanted to see him race.

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And what about the leap? I recall seeing lots of talk about how how the euros didnt have balls to do it so they put that roller infront. But I only saw the Euros jumping it.

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Grumpy old man. Ont: Very nice bike. Thinking of going blue next year from the current white one I got now.

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And why the hell should the US get two shots at the top spot on the podium and all the rest not? If you send 6 of the best US riders when every other country can only send 3, dont you think thats a bit unfair?

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Lol I thought the exact same thing when I read the title.

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I used to only buy Fox stuff but after this s*** I switched to Fly. Not going back. Fly is awesome.