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I'veba Michelin Mousse mounted in my offroad wheels for nearly three years. When I mounted new tires the old Mousse were toast. I've now mounted Goldentyre Mousse......see you in three years.....?. I have 4 bikes that I rotate for different types of ... more »

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Gold is have to download the std NBCSports App, resign in, then they send you back to Gold to sign. After that you go straight to the std NBC App...I may not of the scuriuos route correct but I'm close

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I'm tradesman (the trade is not important) the career path is the key. Apprentice to JM to PM to Business Owner to semi retired working to help an entrepreneur develop his business....I'm 66 and make well north of 100K plus Bonus. Be creative and honest, ... more »

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I'd venture that Jeff is really enjoying this thread......

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To bad one has to turn your

Looks like it is a one of custom build.

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Ha - at 66 it is still my passion - however the risk reward analysis is big and important as the penalty as you get older is bigger!

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Are the posted yet

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Weege to guys guys will never guess the proposition Matthes just made to me.....

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Before the nights over those guys pushing and carrying are going to be worn out!

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Sidi...My right leg is 1 1/2"shorter and with Sidi and leather soles I can get them lifted. Fox Instinct no chance for me.

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Has there ever been a test of the fitment of goggles and helmets? I have the Bell Moto9 and finding a goggle that fits to my face has been difficult. So many variables: Face, helmet width/depth, goggle depths and related........

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I wear Acuvue contacts....

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I use a roku stick

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I would believe they would not, as his contract has him still receiving $$$$$

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I have a set of WP forks converted to SSS by ENZO on my 18 very nice.

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Thanks - just pulled the trigger ebay....

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Ok - got a wheel assembly on the way also a front brake assembly. Forks still looking.....lots on Ebay so I'm "Watching" I bit confused on what triple tree bolts up to make this all work.....thanks

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I've been wanting a 95 for many years. Yes a good one is hard to find. This one popped up when I was not looking at all. Boom it's home and getting a good going over. Suspension is king! So that is getting taken care of first. I'm redoing all the linkage, ... more »

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When one upgrades to newer CRF forks do you need the newer front wheel also?