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CW gifted MM

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When I was racing in Germany, Monday afternoon at the shop (I was in the Army at that time so I worked) the first thing I did was remove the chain, brushed and wiped it clean and put in a large circle tray full of grease that was on a hot plate. The ... more »

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I've primarily have used WD40 for over 40 years. Spray the chain, footpegs and other moving parts right after cleaning and occasionally apply some sort of chain lube.

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Bought a pair of CTI 20 years ago, used then for awhile and wet back to my knee guards. I've updated a year ago to the 199 ones

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Bikes are like tools, there's one for every tools are; 300TPI, 450X, Husky 701, EPure Trials's been my addiction since I was 9 years old. Same for my vehicles, one for every need. I'm not rich, just have always had a job and worked ... more »

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Ryan "Part Time" Sipes does it

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Controversial Topic......

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My first MX Race was 1969......hooked ever since. Was drafted in 72 and went to Germany for 3 years and got a Dealer ride on a CZ with a mechanic and a van. Awesome times. Got a European discharge and had plans. Got hurt at the wrong job yet

... more »
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Without Feld we more than likely wouldn't have SX as we know it.........Marketing is important to the profit equation and profit keeps the show on the

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Dirt Bikes are certainly all about FUN! I'm 69 and been riding since 1960 or so. Life long addiction. There's 4 Bikes and a shifter kart in my garage. This is what I live for. Rode The Woods Race at Washougal Sunday much fun.

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Ya! A Non Slam Down Carbon Fiber Toilet Seat!! I'm in...........No Cracking allowed!

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Bought a Specialized Levo, I'm 69. Awesome, now I can rope my hear rate back in and still ride some technical trials. The unfortunate part is that Ebikes in Oregon are banded from the good trials. I don't ride faster or blow people of the trail, just ... more »

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Kinda similar to 2007/2008! Wonder what is waiting around the corner????

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I'd venture that the trailing wheels on a multi wheel rig will become generators offsetting the drive wheels usage to some %.

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I bought a FMF Header and Can for my KX450 Mid February (Online) and it shipped in a week

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monster cap??