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Anyone know if he will be racing with JGR at houston? Correct me if I am wrong but he was a fill in for Barcia and he returns for Houston, does that mean JGR kicks Nicoletti to the curb?

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When I was on 80's i crashed in a sand turn and when I was picking myself up I found a $20 bill in the middle of the track.

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Got my first moto win and overall win by virtue of my best friend crashing on the last lap while leading and handing it to me. I got the win and he got a trip to the ER.

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Thats what I assume, but he also rode the Stockhom SX on a PC bike.... would be cool to see Mitch give him a chance on it for supercross.

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Havent been able to find much info on whether or not Josh Hill will be riding for Mitch Payton in 2015. Anyone have any insight on this?

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I second the adding Monster Mtn to the schedule! I have never been but all the pictures and videos look awesome and it would be way closer for all of us in Florida.

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I havent seen or heard anything about Reed this week following his crash at Unadilla. Will he be lining up this weekend? Also what about the Stewart brothers?

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Sandbagging happens everywhere, Northeast FL/ Southeast GA has its share and there really isnt a policy in place to prevent it. The beginner class here doesnt seem to bad but the C class has a very wide range of speed. There are usually 2-4 guys that ... more »

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Whats the price range?

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Its been closed for a month or 2 while they have been re-designing parts of the track and putting in the starting gate and other things. They had a members only ride day recently but I see posts of local guys riding it all the time. Basically it looks ... more »

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Has anyone been able to find the go pro footage from the 1st moto crash with/near Grant?

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Reed's whole setup just looks sick, love the black frame! And Villo's MXON graphics cuz well.. America! ... more »
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Villopoto in his 250 days had a cool style to watch, just his on the edge intensity. As far as my list, in no particular order of riding styles I just think look cool not always "perfect technique" Best: Villopoto Barcia Stewart Roczen Canard As far ... more »

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Looked through some other threads but did not see anything about this. Is Cunningham staying in the U.S. to race the nationals or is he headed north with Alessi? I was under the impression the entire Motoconcepts team was going to Canada but during the ... more »

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I was watching TGO from 2010 this morning and Alessi looked a lot different a few years ago as far as his riding style goes. He seemed to ride a lot more aggressive and with more intensity a few years ago. Now it almost seems like he cant ride on the ... more »

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She definitely does a better job than Erin Bates did, and she is way hotter!... Im sure Barcia likes not having Erin Bates dropping rocks in front of his gate anymore too

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Bum deal for Hahn, I have so much respect for that guy after all the injuries and problems he has endured. Hopefully Tomac will be healed up in time for GH too after hearing he broke his collarbone.

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Any word on who will be on the line at Glen Helen? Reed, Millsaps, Musquin, Hahn, etc? All the guys that have been injured.

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