Busted out of the cage this morning for a good old trail ride. A got an email about a day or so ago. Drew Im on my way up, lets do a trail ride. Sounds good to me, so this morning at 7am, got the bike prepped and ready and pulled out of the garage. The beauty of living here in the Eastern Sierra, you can ride from the garage to your trails. Usually just out the garage for 100 yards to the dirt. The morning was bright and sunny I met Jesse for the morning ride. Deciding on which direction to go, we agreed to explore rather then burn in existing trails. Learn some new trails for the future so to speak.

So out onto the trail, Jesse has a beautiful 06 YZ250 and runs the perfect amount of two stroke oil. It was like perfume. But I had to take the lead and Dirt Track style some turns. Fourth gear pinned and sideways. Gotta love the thumpers for that. We went over hills, trails and rock. Perlite, pumice and don’t forget the cinder and lava rock. Years ago this area was a big volcano. We got to the valley floor and started to explore. Not so much for the trails but a some prospects. We snooped and looked. High and low, nothing too interesting. Time to bust out a map.

On the way back it was getting late. Heading back I knew we had a couple of water crossings to make, still early I was leery. Hell it’s fall and all the water has spilled out and should be fairly shallow. So I watch Jesse make the crossing, flawless, I go for my turn. Into the water, I see a few rocks so I give the 450 a jolt of gas to lift the wheel and splash, into a deep cold hole. Full whiskey throttle I blast out of the creek. Blow out any possible water I may have caught and headed for the next one. Three crossings in all and soaked to the bone.

I need to work on either waterproof gear or better at crossing rivers.

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