[LINK TO IMAGE]Last night at practice I wanted to get the jump on the competition for the upcoming weekend race. First out in the class, storm onto the track over the big jumps and then to a elevated right-hander. I have made this turn seriously almost 100 times, last night would be different.

The jump is elevated about 4 feet, its up turn and then down into a small double. No biggie, no issues. I came into the turn, full speed top of second; normally I exit in second and make the double. As I approached I grabbed the front brake as usual, then the rear. I wasn’t slowing. Before I realized it I was over the braking bumps and up on the turn and heading through the banners. Last ditch I grabbed all the front brake I had.

I don’t know what happened but yours truly is getting flicked off his bike like a fresh booger caught on your finger. I met with the ground in a thud, then the bike on top of me. I knew I was in trouble but I didn’t have the breath to even move. I rolled to the edge of the berm and got up trying to breath. My bike was covering the line, 40 angry riders behind me trying to get around me and bike. My friend who was flagging was laughing at the same time, "You ok? Man that looked hard."  Top that off, last night I decided to try an "Under Jersey" chest protector. The thing didn’t do crap. Well it did protect my arm, but due to my elbow was pressed into my ribs with the elbow protector my ribs are bruised, arm bruised, and wrist bruised. Under protector 1 – Drew -0

It wouldn’t be so bad if I could breath, sneeze or laugh. Sleeping last night was limited. All in all it was funny after, but dang I hate bruised ribs.


I prefer mine bar-bee-qued.


 Love for http://www.photocross.net who is shooting the event and all the other events they cover.

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