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I had some friends over to watch the race and was saying how great the youngsters are that race the LCQ. Traditionally they are all brawn and no smarts. What they lack in ability they make up for in effort three fold. That was one of the best heat races ... more »

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So, no one else just experienced the App to go to the logo screen and then shut off as the conclusion of the 250 race was almost to the finish line? I was happy I had a laptop near buy. The phone App just went to crap on me.

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Bump for any additional assistance. We need some more votes. Thank you

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Thank you all very much. I and the family Appreciate it. @APLMAN99 GO COUGS!

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He's a model, he will look like $4 Million Bucks.

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My nephew is the Best Long snapper I know. I think he should be No. One! Would you please help him win by voting for him on Twitter? Click on the Link to Twitter Please vote for Simon Samarzich Simon is a great young man. He will be graduating with a 4.5 and he played on ... more »

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Very creative and cool looking. What is the switch made from? It looks like an old gumdrop.

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I asked that question a lot when I was single. Do I save money or do I support the Strippers Industry?

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The Bazaar section is in the main forum now? Sweet! I know i've been away from here, but damn, things change.

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Marvin's gonna punt him the first chance he gets and Tomac will rent out his head free of charge for the rest of the season. I gotta say, I am highly frustrated with his results last season. I am sure he is as well. He's gotta park Marvin for what he ... more »

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"when it came to obstacles i hired a Pro best 5K i spent. He came in and in 5 days took a killer track to the next level" WOW, 5K for five days of heavy equipment. That's crazy good prices. That was equipment delivered and operated?

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"Never raced" And never had an oil change, suspension serviced, expect every bearing ruined, seals leaking, exhaust in dire conditions, valves (both 2stroke/4Stroke) near ruined, coolant turned to acid and anything else they can cover up.

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No price mention. That's frightening. These people are usually asking unrealistic prices. "No, you don't understand, this is rare."

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Reality is, no one cares but us the consumer and the dealer until insurance pays. If this continues, the shop might close so there's that. But not by anyone else. Not the police. Not the DOJ. If they cared they would enforce the law on these bike thieves. ... more »

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Now that's RAD! Talk about a conversation starter.

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The rich stay rich by NOT spending money.

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So it retards the clutch engagement on starts? Freaking genius idea. Skating traction control. For that matter so is Rekluse. Good job.

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Didn't RV lose to Ronnie and Stankdog last year? These Big Dogs better start riding more and jibber jabbing less. I'm gonna love it if Ronnie Mac and Steinke school RV, RD and the rest.

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[img] [/img] I dig watching this guys vids. Beautiful work.

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If the cost of housing goes up, people move. They don't throw their shit into a basket and push it along the street. No, i dont believe the cost of housing is not a factor for the derelicts on the street. But... Half of the homeless are due to mental ... more »