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I don’t understand why we need someone with an accent in this sport all the time to me it’s annoying. Supercross needs to take some notes of the ufc their broadcast team is by far the best

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Ricky Dietrich is on my list. Won worcs championship endurocross championship top 5 nationals only thing not on his resume is supercross. Same with ryno

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This is epic that’s the one bike I wish I still had from my childhood

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It’s just a raw frame with a clear matte powder coat

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Hey guys going to start another KX build. Currently have a 05 KX 250 and just need some ideas so shoot me some photos or suggestions. Here’s the last bike I built

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I contacted them about a 18 rmz 450 they had listed for 4999 and same bullshit they wanted like 8200 otd for a Suzuki

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Red bud wasn’t even a mud race though

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Well coldenhoff did have a great performance at one event. It would be like if barcia won and Eli got second at mxon. They wouldn’t classify barcia as the best because Tomac smoked him all year just like Herlings smoked everyone all year.

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Well is he wrong? I think there was so much talk between him and Eli buzzing around that he just wanted to let everyone know who’s the man outdoors heads up

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I left Monday at around 10 in the morning and that place was pretty much a ghost town I’m surprised this even happened

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The whole experience was awesome. Drove 2000 miles from Arizona and got there Thursday morning stayed in lot b. Met a lot of cool people the Sweden’s brought the party but after Friday night lot b kind of died down. Saw some boobs so that’s a plus. Got ... more »

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Don’t know how to post videos but got one action shot from lot b on Friday. One girl got arrested and took the action away Saturday night but lot b was still impressive

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Got to red bud today anyone else get the gold vip package? Me my dad and brother got it and they said only 57 people purchased it not sure what kind of viewing we have but we’re rolling in to lot b tomorrow so see you guys there!

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So what’s aldon Going to do with a guy who’s been a champ champ champ?

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I mean Aldon brought Osborne up to become a champion so I guess we’ll see what he can do with cooper who’s already been a champion I think we’ll see some really good rides in supercross and motocross but for him to win very unlikely

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Is anyone going to get the ufc fight on Saturday at their motorhome? If you are let me know don’t really want to miss it and willing to throw in some money for the ppv

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Stay on gecko road not the washes. Don’t go on holiday weekends way too many people. Flags are required but I just break a flag off in my axel nut flag holder Incase the cops get at you. ran flags before but they constantly break. Find jumps all day ... more »

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Always thought Stewart’s Vegas and Colorado bike looked so good. Troy lee team always comes out with cool bikes for Washougal

... more »
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Me and some buddies checked it out on Saturday and the track is really fun. Lots of elevation and jumps are all fairly safe. It’s one of those tracks you could burn laps on all day. Highly recommend checking it out and the owner joe is a super cool guy ... more »