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The Monster Kawi is way over done IMO. Look at a photo of a 2007 team bike up against a photo of A 2020 team bike- that’s 13 years of looking the same. It needs a fresh look.

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Tbf Ricky’s job as an announcer is to pump up the programme! Make it sound like it’s the best ever, greatest ever, nothing in this world has ever been better. That said, I do think these new bikes are allowing the likes of Eli to go faster, easier. Remember ... more »

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Fans. Fans. You forgot to say you care about the fans too. (Kinda awkward) You’d do well to remember that without fans there wouldn’t be professional motocross also.

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Rad scoops! First fall on the right side and the bottom corner of the rad scoop would snap off! Surely Kawasaki could’ve rounded it off or something to make it less of a sharp point?!

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The modern smart trainers don’t require tyres..

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Here in the UK, I worked at a Kawasaki dealership in the early/mid 2000s. In 2001 Kawasaki sold the KX60 AND the KX65. For 2002 the 60 was dropped and only the 65 was available from there on.. (Note the 2001 models had green painted frames) A friend ... more »

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It has got an adjustable speed limiter- you’ll find it on the right side of the handlebar. Twist it back for fast, forward for slow. True story..

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Fucking deadbeat. Don’t sign your kids up to his training schools- kids deserve a better example than that.

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Yeah, it bugs me. Ever seen a ‘pro’ bike with mismatched stickers & product?? No bro, cos that ain’t cool! But he can do what he likes, it’s not my bike. I bet you have WP stickers on your KYB forks..

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I dunno what you’re talking about. Must be an American thing? They sound weird..🤷🏻‍♂️

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The man at the top of the mountain, didn’t fall there- unknown.

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Here you are again- arguing with people?! Do you ever ask yourself why? You better hope this new ‘block’ facility doesn’t come in to play- you’d think you were the only one here!

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There’s two things I can’t stand on a bike: 1: coloured spoke nipples 2: one brand of tyre sticker on the graphics and a different brand of tyre fitted to the bike!

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I bet their training load during race season is less than we might think it is. A tired athlete is less effective than one who isn’t at peak fitness.

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Force majeure. Riders, teams, sponsors, none of them are worried. Disappointed, yes, but it is what it is.

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This is a thread about Barcia. Yet here you are talking about Tomac. Your point..? You don’t have a point. Because I’m Commenting on your posting habits, nothing to do with Tomac!

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Your biggest concern is a person to order parts?? A team manager will be appointed from a selection of experienced guys. Mechanics- show me a mechanic who doesn't want to work for a successful factory team. There will be a host of experienced guys who ... more »

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Nonsense. Proven bike Same engine techs as RB KTM Same suspension techs as RB KTM They’ll employ proven spanner spinners The whole thing overseen by Roger. The only difference is the colour of the plastics and the semi. It’ll be a breeze for them.

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“You can’t win it at A1, but you can certainly lose it” was approximately ten weeks from being a false statement this year!🤣😂