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Same here. I was convinced that I was seeing things as well. Glad this was posted.

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In a motocross forum, a title is lot more relevant than "winning in life". How does one even determine if they are "winning in life"?

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Possibly (best scenario), a dowel pin dropped during assembly and has been in the case since new.

Added reply in a thread Incredible TP199 whoop video 4/28/2021 6:57 AM

Yeah, "... gives him more leverage. "

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No. After all the bullshit Webb talked about Malcolm? Hell no, that's not wrong.

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Yes, what Ridge said. I take no pleasure in finding things to complain about. The production is getting worse. They seem to be attempting to inject color into a 15/20 minute race. NASCAR / IRL production teams do that to fill the 200-450 mile/lap segment, ... more »

Started new thread NBC heard our complaints about the broadcast. 4/10/2021 11:50 PM

A: Vital members have been criticizing our production. Some members have even stated that it couldn't be any worse. Time for a brain storming session? B: Absolutely. How can we make it even worse? A: At every moto gate drop, show a close up of the leader ... more »

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"...If she did her segments during filler/non-racing time only I wouldn't have noticed at all.." This, and as previously mentioned, there always seems to be a significant pass or crash while she's talking. Not her fault, it's not a 3 hour race. Let her ... more »

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Early 450 heat race battle in progress, they mentioned something along the lines of "...last time Webb was in Texas...". My wife thinks I'm crazy when I yell "Don't cut away to that fkn crash clip while they are still fighting for the . ... GD DMIT !" ... more »

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I would like to see some type of reverse order grid as well. The Indianapolis Speedrome midget races grid system (85/86) produced incredible races. Their strategy (seemed to be): Top 4 from (2) qualifying races started in the first 8 positions; BUT, ... more »

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I had the same question. Bowers hasn't raced in almost a year and was over a second faster in qualifying that 722. Maybe 722 ruined his solid night?

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Hey! Don't be bringing your logic into this discussion.

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The outside-lean-into-them-takeout is a difficult move to master. It requires precision timing, perfect bike placement, and extraordinary clairvoyance. R.J. has mastered two out of three, and is diligently working on improving clairvoyance.

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Thanks for posting that.. I was getting ready to lookup the Dungey/Stewart photo and make a similar post. Comparable? Two guys were racing motocross bikes, beyond that ... nothing.

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After reading your comment, I also looked up Forkner. Agree with you 100%.

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No problems here. They cut about 15 seconds off of Eli's interview. Other than that, no issues.

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Whoa!!! No reason to be blasphemous.

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I believe that the OP means extending the landing area. Kind of exactly the opposite - people that can jump SX triples and normal riders can hit the same jump, but the pro can hit it faster, go farther, and still have a decent landing. Not sure it is ... more »

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I had almost the same injury in 2005, almost exact same hardware. I was 43 at the time. About 6 months to start walking again (without the boot). Once I had the hardware removed (at about 9 months), it has not really been a problem for the past 15 years ... more »

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I had no idea exactly what a 2003 KX made. I always knew the (2001s) were much slower than YZs and RMs, and slightly faster than the Hondas. I looked up the Kawaski specs and they claimed 40.49 HP. Figured that was high (as is typical from factory literature), ... more »