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Remember when Barcia broke Bowers leg last year? Do you even know Bowers? You should tell that to Bowers next time you meet him. Tell us how that works out for you.

Added reply in a thread Bowers vs. Ray 2/14/2019 7:24 AM

What? Are you being sarcastic? Or, are you cleverly using the double negative?

Added reply in a thread Fernandis 7th Place..... 2/4/2019 9:07 PM

Is this groundhog day?

Added reply in a thread They miss the pass for 2nd!! 2/2/2019 10:07 PM

No way man. Ricky explaining why the European guys were faster in mud, followed 7 seconds later by Ralph asking "Ricky, why are the European riders faster in mud?" That was gold. Pure gold.

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Agree 100%. What was Lopes supposed to do? Roll the jump and stack up everyone behind him? He was in the air while McElrath was still moving right. Just a first turn racing incident, Carmichael went a little overboard on placing blame.

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To most performance engine builders, it's like the basic training mantra "This is my rifle, this is my gun..." . Gun is technically correct, but to call it a gun is not acceptable. Smokey Yunick discussed this at length in several of his articles and ... more »

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If everyone always took the same line, nobody would ever pass. And, if everybody was taking the same line and Anderson "cut across all of the lines into roczen...", how did the other lines get there???

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I really expected the "You should never use a pressure washer...." camp to respond as the first completely irrelevant response to the OP's question. Good for you.

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Yeah, he should run yellow, orange, blue, green, white, or red just like every other bike on the track. Conform. Try not to stand out

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Wait! JB is saying that they swapped an "engine"? Meister was talking about swapping "motors". Was it an electric bike or not? Are electric bikes now legal? And, are electric bikes now running clutches? This is confusing.

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History shows that most expressed a similar attitude when the Wright brothers made their first flight. "Why would a powered flying machine ever be useful? At the most, a dangerous recreational vehicle..."

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Excellent interview. I have always thought that Roger DeCoster is the only person on earth that I would ask for an autograph. This interview further confirmed that thought. Thanks.

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OP reminded me of this. (Substitute MXA for schoooooool.)

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That's what you got out of my comment? You really are too stupid to realize that you're a complete idiot. You can't comprehend basic logic. Add uptight and judgemental that insults everyone that disagrees with you and you are a real winner.. You have ... more »

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And you are the same type of person that gets motocross tracks shut down. If you were not a motocross fan, you (and your counterparts here) would be the people bitching about the dust or noise from a motocross track three miles away from you. Really ... more »

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Me butthurt? You've been crying about the situation for days. "Ronnie Mac is ruining motocross. It's no longer an elite sport." I don't give two shits about Ronnie Mac, what I do hate is whiny bitches complaining about everything with which they disagree. ... more »

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I expect this suggestion to be deleted before that door is opened again.

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So now that we've eliminated Ronnie Mac and saved the sport, when are we going to start enforcing a dress code? And, maybe we should prevent our fans from giving foreign riders the middle finger, or screaming racial insults at riders parents. Let's clean ... more »

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Sorry, I didn't get it. Seriously, (unlike my sarcastic apology yesterday on the Windham thread,) My bad.