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Agree with Donovan. Thanks for posting. I had never seen those pictures.

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No, they don't. Basic f****** logic apparently eludes several of the members.

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Don't bring logic to a Chad Reed thread.

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Basic math is no longer required to be successful. Check out the POTUS and his top advisers. The Donald himself is not only wrong, but wrong with conviction.

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Not so fast there Jordan421. Remember Cianciarulo's story about JA's renegade life style? About the one time he witnessed JA eating a large buttered popcorn on movie night? That kind of loose living is not tolerated by the Vital community.

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Riders can't win. If they say I, it upsets people. If they say "we", it upsets others. They should start referring to themselves in third person " Eli Tomac rode well tonight. Eli Tomac got the holeshot and Eli Tomac was checking out. Then, Eli Tomac's ... more »

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No, Yeah. WE can't thank you for posting this. (We fixed it for you.)

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Agreed. Nothing kills a team morale more than the rider saying "I" all the time. Any positive should be "we", anything negative should be "I".

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"...but no matter what, you have to give the camera to the guy crossing the finish line." Nothing pisses me off more than cutting away from an intense battle to watch a rider that is 20 seconds ahead of second place crossing the finish line.

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Seely's #14 predecessor needs to teach him how to deal with someone taking you high.

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Same here. Been married 34 years. I was racing drag boats when we got married. For the first few years, we spent most of our money supporting the racing effort. When my son wanted to start racing MX, she was completely supportive. The only time she has ... more »

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Coke Syrup is often used for indoor kart and flat track racing. Traction is incredible on concrete..

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That engine would definitely be my first choice.

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Yes, very interesting. Quite informative article concerning the Feld family.

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Did you ever go to to a NASCAR race in the 60's/early 70's? They seldom used caution flags. If somebody spun and could continue, there was no caution. I was at the Bristol race in 73, when Cale Yarborough led 500 laps and ended up winning by almost 3 ... more »

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So Reed will block Barcia for a couple of laps when Barcia is lapping him?

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This ^ . Start about 30-45 minutes late and you will end up live at the last mains. I loved the format.