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Hello, I am a staunch fan of VIATLMX from Spain, first of all I congratulate you on your forum and your website.
I just read this article, with this new product and it seems great to me, my question is the following.
I own a 2016 honda crf 250 with an SFF AIR A-KIT fork.
I really appreciate...more

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How was it for length in the back? How tall are you? If I remember correctly, the original A4 was pretty long in the back, especially to wear under a jersey.

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Something like this. No Lorettas (or equivalent) C class and no contingency should be awarded to classes that promote sandbagging (age classes with distinction as well). Ride it if you want, but no extra rewards.

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If KTMs don't need one, how come they have been spotted on factory team bikes over the years? OP - Most people that use them love them, especially if they take them off and try without them for a bit.

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Have you spoken to the manufacturer? Maybe they have fixes with different comfort liners or things like that...could be worth a shot. If not, if it doesn't fit, it doesn't fit.

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You can't even order a Shoei VFX-WR to North America from Europe. At least I couldn't when I was looking at buying one.

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How has it been for you so far? I am in the market as well! Moving off the TLD 5900 if I find something better.

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Yes. Almost perfect. 250 stock class would have to be "limited" though. Stock suspension in supercross is most likely a no-go for starters. Keep 450s for Outdoor, MXGP, WORCS, etc. Then they don't have to stop making any bikes or start developing new ... more »

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He moved up in points....

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Lemme know if you don't like them and want to sell.

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YZ 125.

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These are insane!

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When you are trying a totally new bike, why would you want to be in totally new gear as well? Makes a lot more sense to ride what you've been in the last year so you can evaluate the bike without thinking about other variables.

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He didn't cut the track then re join the race at a more advantageous part of the track. He rode beside the track (lappers he ended up passing do this later in the moto), then went to pit lane and took a 5er.

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Do you have anything left? I have a list of parts I am looking for. Thanks.

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250 limited, 250 mod, 450. Get a pretty good idea of who has real ability on the come up.

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I picked up a left one a few months ago to help from a sprained wrist that wasn't seeming to heal and was feeling weak on the bike. Once I got the brace adjusted properly it was awesome! I was using it for downhill mountain biking and dirt jumping too. ... more »

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The helmet seems to pack out and fit a bit better after a little while. I was in the same boat. Also tried one on at a different shop in medium and it fit like a glove..

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Technique is the most important thing for speed. I don't care how fit you are or how much you ride. You need to work on what will make you go faster and ride better. Riding schools and then focusing on the techniques you learn when you ride and when ... more »