Added reply in a thread Best race day whip ever ? 11/26/2020 8:38 PM Ken Roczen, moto 1 Thunder Valley, 2014. This was his 450 rookie year and he busted this out on the first lap battling for the lead. Excuse the weird music and edits; this is bot my video.

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Looks good, congrats. I recently switched too. Chasing setups on my last bike had me seeing red, so I switched to blue. Really wanted to go green but the dealer wanted too much green. Really love the new bike though, not feeling too blue about it.

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Ricky: Retired air force. Nice guy, a little too obsessed with magnet healing bracelets but seems to really love his filipino wife. Forkner: reviews hot pocket flavors on tiktok Tomac: welds pipeline in the oilfield. Very proud of his f350 welding rig ... more »

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Looks like the guy gave the head a simple green bath.

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Thank you, I’d forgotten about that

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I think you mean the ‘17 CRF when they did the major update, but you’re right. A lot of people ran a previous gen and there wasn’t even a logistical problem like they’ve had this year.

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If you feel safe leaving your van loaded, it’s the best option. My setup has multiple sets of gear, boots, helmets, 45 gal water, pressure washer, enough tools to frame a bike, air compressor and a sleeper. I sometimes load the bike the night before ... more »

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It’s not meant to replace pedaling but to teach balance before pedaling. A bike with training wheels teaches a kid to pedal before teaching them to balance. A balance bike does it the other way around. Learning to balance first teaches children the dynamics ... more »

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Good tip here. These cabinets are made and sold by companies that make file cabinets (the construction feels the same too) and are pretty common in a lot of offices. A lot of companies during moves or equipment upgrades will give them to you for free ... more »

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Just curious, were you riding in cold temps?

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“We really don't want to sell it, so no low ball offers.” Remove that language. The assholes who want to text you stupid offers aren’t going to care, and serious buyers don’t want to deal with someone who “doesn’t want to sell”.

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Most drug stores sell special baby wipe type towlettes specifically for cleaning eyelids. They sell them next to the eye drops. That may be a good trackside supplement to your baby shampoo routine.

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I don’t think most states require titles, just the states with a lot of pavement and social programs. The other state’s dealers may be requiring titles for the financing company because the bike is technically their property and they’re letting you borrow ... more »

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Not so much a mod as it is a wear part replacement, but it seems most bikes are shipping with those god awful mx33s and those are definitely coming off.

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that might add 1 whole pound.

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I got a sprinter van with not one but two turbos and I’m fast as fuck. Gotta keep ‘er on the pipe

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A complete assembly will look much more finished.

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subframe also looks to be a very simple aluminum assembly. Otherwise, yeah pretty much a facelifted ktm

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From what I’ve heard form my local husky dealer the gasgas will come with lower spec wheels.

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gearnes are pretty big around the calf. I had size 12 that were pretty spacious.