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Even had a pant melting problem, too.

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Trial Bike on Also came out with Trial Bike pro as a sequel. Trial Bike video The company that made it is called Red Lynx and they went on to be a big producer of mobile games. If you’ve tried any of the phone trials games, you’ve probably tried ... more »

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Don’t let the feds know we talk about 14 year old boys on this site. I really don’t want it shut down

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I’m not a huge Decoster fan, but Shimoda seems like he would do really well with him. When this crop of 250 riders graduates I could see shimoda taking a spot at KTM and doing really well there.

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I’ve yet to watch yesterday’s motos. Was he worse than at Fox from last week? I liked him a lot at Fox. Friday night the supercross YouTube channel was playing old races from 2018 and emig was such a spaz. His last couple weeks in outdoors seemed really ... more »

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I don’t know that Kenny will ever win another title, but I hope he sticks around for awhile. Wish he’d win more, but watching him on his good days is a treat in itself.

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Throw a few soccer balls on the track during motos and the locals will show up drunk wearing moto jerseys and singing songs about hating African immigrants.

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I saw that one yesterday. It’s a native advertisement. Beta-alanine is common inmost pre workout supplements and can be purchased as a standalone supplement Carno-syn. I can’t say whether it does anything for arm pump, but it has proven effects on the ... more »

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There’s a trend in cycling right now with people using solid wax on their chain. Seems everyone has some special recipe but it’s usually a mix of paraffin wax and gear oil in a crock pot. Submerge the chain overnight and then pull it out to solidify. ... more »

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I think he’s talking about the original post…

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#43 Cullin Park in the 250 pro sport riding an all red Honda with gold wheels. That been the best looking bike all week.

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Got nothing against the kid, but it seems he took the anti-tuck rhetoric a little too far. The ten gallon monster energy hat is a little weird to me.

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It’s pretty hard to compare lap times in different motos this year. The conditions have deteriorated very quickly.

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03(?) Kawasaki KE100 06 Suzuki intruder 800(?) 07 Suzuki rmz250 07 triumph speed triple 15 Honda crf450 14 bmw s1000rr 18 Honda crf450 19 Honda monkey 19 KTM superduke 21 Yamaha yz450 The ones I paid for were the Rmz and down. Two before that my parents ... more »

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MIPS seems like kind of laboratory cheat tech. The helmets are tested on smooth head forms (basically crash test dummy heads) with a single material layer on the outside. The MIPS slip planes are designed to slip around the inside of the helmet but don’t ... more »

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You’re right, they still make them. But I ran into that problem with the 752s someone had mentioned in this thread. The 752s got replaced at one point and I liked the rear better than the updated rear. They still made them for a little while after the ... more »

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The Dunlop mx33 feels like a step backward from their previous tire the Dunlop mx32 (later changed to the mx3S due to confusion with Pirelli). The 32/3S was a little less predictable than the Pirelli 32, but the grip was better. I think some 3S tires ... more »

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I’m a rank amateur at both, but I’m working on it. There’s a ski area about 30 minutes from one of my local tracks. The ski area is pretty small and just a local spot, but this winter I’m hoping to ski in the morning and ride prepped practice in the ... more »

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I thought the same thing. Sounds wicked!!!!!

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Ive heard otherwise from a test rider for triumph’s street bikes. Apparently an all original steel framed 450 and 250 in the works. Triumph hopes to have a 250 teams on the gate for 2022 SX.