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Honestly how bad was the first factory KTM 450 he rode compared to the suzuki he was winning on ? and how good was the 2015 bike ? How much did he and Roger improve the bike to get it back to winning SX titles ?

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Get well soon Alex Ray !!

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The thing about all this that blows my mind is this : Why try to bead down the very people who live and die by this sport the same as we all do ? Without the local shops where do you even go to buy a bike and get it fixed if its something you cant figure ... more »

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Yeah its really cool having so much SX racing like this !!

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IF you get a skid steer it MUST have tracks , the track skid steer is way way more helpful than a skid loader with wheels when using it for maintaining an mx track

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Good new is nothings broken and he is coming back soon !! Dude is absolutely ripping the Honda !!

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None of this should have even happened Its a 20 minute long race The leader needs to pull away and gap second place long before the last few laps and get around slower riders quicker

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The leader should learn how to pull away from 2nd place and how to go around slower riders

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easy YZ125 motors is like a trail bike down low but still rips on top

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Its a drag the Justin Hill is not racing Dude is Legit on a dirt bike Motoconcepts Might be a good time to update this website ...

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Here is my 2013 CRF250R KPS suspension GUTS tall seat with step Mostly all stock One of my all time favorite bikes Look like the picture is from F.O.D in Millville NJ

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James will alway be a legend and his accomplishments are amazing Rumor has it the tracks were groomed at the beginning of each moto that season And that was to James liking maybe im just getting old and remembering things weird

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This off season is getting LONG ...

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Looks like the new Honda way you do not need to remove the brake pedal to get the swingarm bolt out

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The 350 feels heavy compared to a 250 smoker AND a 250F

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Thank you very much !! Its got a 14/50 on it now and personally I like running in 3rd most of the track like you said Dropping into second for some corners , just order a 51T rear , ill try that out

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Can you guys post or re-post your final drive gearing specs please ?

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Very strong performance in his first 450 race Completely holding his own with the best in the class

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Never said anything about it being environmentally anything and Since the thread is about cleaning filters I just felt like telling my fellow dirt bikers that Profilter pre-oiled filter is a good way to go especially if you hate to clean filters or you ... more »

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Raise the needle clip on position Make sure your running a clean / properly oiled air filter