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That’s funny, I was gonna ask pretty much the exact same thing, years and all

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The 83 is obv the one to have. Was there any way of fixing the 84 to make it rideable?

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My father's totally worn out 1986 IT200 in Open C 1993. Lights and all. It was funny shit. I was dicing with someone on a 76 CR125 and a girl on a KX100. There was no reason for this other than I wanted to do it.

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pics of IT200? My dad's all time favorite bike, even over his 91 250 EXC.

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Always so disappointing to hear about this stuff. I was such a loyal Yamaha guy as a kid. I remember the Bradshaw thing in 93 like it was yesterday. You look at all those guys that left and did better elsewhere — Lechien, RJ, Stanton, Hannah (well, better ... more »

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Good article. First 125 I rode was a 1990 YZ125, which seemed very similar. Maybe better top end? Didn’t shift, the forks weren’t too soft for my 120 lbs but were super harsh. Some idiot told me to shorten the silencer, so I did and all it did was make ... more »

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Been a YZ guy my whole life except for 1 year on an RM80...but those 87 CRs are bitchen'. Holy crap. Someone said Broc and or RJ were there? What were they riding?

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There were these two 2 NY kids (brothers) that would show up at NESC races and just tool on the 85 experts around 93...Umhoffer? Years later the Verackas reminded me of them, but even faster.

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But don’t the fast guys just point out of C? Or do things work differently nowadays? Open C was absolute carnage back in the day. You’d see an XR250 and a 76 CR125 dicing for 30th.

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At least Broc had works bikes in 81 and 83 (power valve, more trick suspension on the 83 than the production 84 and 85 bikes). The 85 production 490 vs the trickest open class RC? If you ever rode a YZ490 (and my experience is limited to 2 laps when ... more »

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Didn't Honda bitch about Bradshaw's WR500 bc it was running a YZ250 swingarm? Seems like Honda and Yamaha had some on and off beef over the years. I believe Kenny Clark told them at the start of '86 something along the lines of 'you won't be shit without ... more »

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2014 Specialized Roubaix SL-4 w a few minor upgrades. Bought new and put a couple of thousand miles a year on it. Saving my pennies for Titanium, a Moots or similar.
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My first street bike was a Yamaha FZR400, similar HP. I used to buy tires from a road racer I knew and everyone would be like damn dude when they saw my tires, thinking I was riding like a madman on the street. It was gutless below 9000 rpm, pulled hard ... more »

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Bilstein is extremely reputable in the automotive world. I have put Bilstein shocks / struts on VW GTIs, a BMW M3 (a 1995 I put 170k on), a vintage Porsche 911 etc. only once did one leak or fail, and Bilstein replaced it free of charge. Like many manufacturers, ... more »

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YZ almost certainly is just a slight tweak to the Jones’ modified DT ‘A to Z’ and not actually “Y Zinger, a bike that came over a half decade after the first production YZs

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He’s the guy who made Emig’s YZ125 fast IIRC

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One of my hero’s. El Covid Zone just doesn’t have the same ring to it. Glad to hear he’s alright.

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It's been over 25 years since I raced, my last dirt helmets were Shoei VFX. I still have one somewhere. I remember seeing kids lined up with those least they were SNELL90 IIRC. Remember the really shitty Bieffe's you'd see in the magazines ... more »

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Got hit by a car while bicycling 13 years ago at age 29, grade 2 AC separation and some other stuff. Rest, PT and was fine eventually. Honestly it was probably a full year before it felt “right” but no surgery was required. Good luck!

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Many great memories of Freetown, Myles Standish, and yup, I rode those Assonet pits too. Rocky Woods in Dighton too. Small world!