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Fantastic build. Well done!

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I wear a Bell Moto 9 in Medium. Pops has an Astars in Large. Too big, I'd need a medium.

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In a time where Pro Circuit engines dominated the 250 class, I never thought I would see one of these Hondas roll past a PC bike on a straight with the rider looking and waving at the same time.
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Track looks incredibly fun! Kiitos!

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Most companies (no matter what industry) and production crews really appreciate honest feedback from buyers and consumers, as getting honest feedback that is not in-the-moment anger outbursts are quite rare. I am sure Feld are happy to receive such feedback, ... more »

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Get one of those upper arm strap-pouches that people use for running.

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Some of the things you'll read here...

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Check this thread out. Not polyurethane, but it seems CRM are making a carbon fibre one.,20/Lets-see-review-those-2019-kx450s,1343688?page=11 If you really need one that fast that is.

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Maybe they have changed their shell constructions in Europe, then, although unlikely as they are approved both stateside and over here. Before we got Bell Helmets I remember scouting their helmets and testing the different models during the EICMA exhibition ... more »

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I feel like the Bell Moto-9 Flex is a more comparable helmet to the 6D as far as the protection systems go. The Shoei feels amazing on the head though. Not tried a 6D. I saw the Alpinestars S-M10 helmet today for the first time, and that looks to be ... more »

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Norwegian Kawasaki importers not received any info on delivery dates yet. They had the European Press Showing at Uddevalla (MXGP Sweden track) this week. Probably in US during July and EU August? Received the 2019 YZ450F on tuesday that we lent to Josh ... more »

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Maybe there would be more riders if they had a prize pool and you didn't have to pay a 500 euro start fee cash, no receipt for a starter

The moto-mob still going strong with with the MXGP ... more »
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This bike will probably be my favorite one forever.

... more »
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I ride with SG-12s. Luckily I work in a dealership, so I have tried the Sidi Crossfire 2 SRS (not the latest one), Tech 7, Tech 10, Instinct, SG-10, SG-12. SG-12s for me as it is what I felt had the best combination of comfort and protection. Tech 10 ... more »

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Not sure if it is true at all, but I have heard the KTM Factory Edition bikes are lighter than the actual race bikes themselves? Not sure if true as I said, but I could also believe it with all the extra protective parts, sensors e.g. that are added ... more »

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Yep, try that one. I know if you inquire about jersey printing on their website, that is the one they have listed, so that should be the main guys who do the prints.

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We just got Fasthouse into our shop in Norway, and the communication aspect has gone really well, even through a couple of phone calls. Just sounds like you're in some bad luck, which is unfortunate and shouldn't really happen! Try using another e-mail ... more »

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Last years or the new one coming out? I had a chance to test the newest Leatt helmet today, and even though the looks are not something I think I could ever enjoy looking at, it was really comfortable and very light. I heard last years was a tad bit ... more »

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April/May is what I've heard.

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I'm 6'2. I'll see if we have the A-4 or A-1 in the shop tomorrow and take some photos if we do.