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Call me crazy, but whether it is Prater or Jendro or someone else, Person of the Year should be a face from FELD for saving the SX season and getting it rolling and successful as quickly as they did compared to other sports.

Racer of the year Ferrandis

Product of the year - The Pro...more

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I'm in for $20! Good luck Michael and make the vitards proud

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Looks great.

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Nice budget build. I'm looking at doing something similar soon to an 04 YZ125. What was your process for cleaning up the frame and engine cases? Did you repaint any of the frame? How'd you polish the link? Looks good man!

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The Captain

It's been edited. The grand prize will be selected on July 12th, 2018.

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You can always sign up to win our custom built TC300.

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Loved my 93' 4.0L 5-speed manual Ford Ranger. Should have never sold it. Bought with 80k mi, sold with 240k. Rebuilt the the transmission around 190k mi. It had it's quirks, but I beat the shit out of that thing and it still ran like a champ the day ... more »

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BTO Sports Last Minute Holiday Gift Guide
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12/13/2016 7:00 AM

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Cool deal-- buy a set of wheels and get a free set of custom gear!
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SHOT Race Gear - Reserve Now!
SHOT Race Gear - Reserve Now!
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1/25/2016 11:56 AM

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OMX Graphics
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1/8/2016 2:18 PM

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Take a look at the "First Look" feature on our homepage for more info:,38537/Slideshow,0/ML512,13480