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Last 3 of my AMA number are 065 so I've always used 65.

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32 Hours on my 17 KTM 150 and zero issues. Raced it most of the summer/fall, plenty of practice days, and a lot of the tracks out here are sand which is pretty hard on small 2 strokes.

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Is there no longer a "handle" built into the rear fender? On my 2017 150 I love having that to grab onto when you lift the bike on a stand. It looks like the new number plate blocks that space with the updated plastics.

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Red Bud, and I'm riding it for the first time on Sunday

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Here in District 14 in Michigan there's a 125 B/C class that is usually pretty packed. Its a damn fast class here. Other than that its Schoolboy 1 where you wouldn't be able to run the 150 where you could a 125. I enjoy running my 150 in 250 and Open. ... more »

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I got a 2017 KTM 150 back in April and was very back and forth on getting a used YZ and hopping it up, or the 150. I am so glad I went the KTM route. I have ridden a good bit all summer and raced in the 250 and open classes with it and don't feel like ... more »

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I need to order a throttle tube for my 2017 KTM 150 SX. The ones i found on RMATV specify that they work with a 2016, but a 2017 is not listed. Being that the 2016 and 2017 are almost the same bike save for the carb, and forks, is it safe to assume the ... more »

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Bike looks amazing, well done. How do you like the fmf fatty/shorty combo? considering that setup for my 17 150 but not sure if I want to go shorty silencer or powercore 2.1.

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I believe I read somewhere that they didn't rip it super deep because they knew the rain was coming. Nonetheless the track looked awesome before it poured. Hopefully some tracks take note to avoid the slot car racing we sometimes get.

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I got it back in 2013 when I was a Junior in College. I started feeling sick right after Thanksgiving break and by the time finals rolled around I could barely make it to a class. I slept alot and went to the doctor and was told I had Mono, I almost ... more »

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I think it looks awesome.

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I have a 17 150sx with 15 hours on it and can attest that the white shrouds with sublimated graphics look significantly more scratched and worn than the orange plastics. Part of this i'm sure is due to the shrouds constantly in contact with my knees/legs ... more »

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Can't say that I'm a fan.

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Where is everybody running their powervalve for a 16-17 Ktm 150? I have messed with it a bit but can't seem to find a sweet spot. I'm looking for a bit more bottom end to be able to use less clutch in the corners. I have also heard of some guys using ... more »

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He's got nothing else to prove. Say what you will about him being handed titles, but there is no arguing against him being one of the greats of this sport. He's put in his time and he's earned the right to go and live his life.

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Did the Vforce 4R help alot? Thinking of grabbing one for my 150 once they're in stock.

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Had the same problem down low with my 150, it's because of the Mikuni carbs they switched to for 2017, they come jetted extremely rich. Lean out the jetting and it should help (the biggest issue is the pilot jet). From the dealer mine ran rough down ... more »

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I got back on a track for the first time since 2007 last week and the insides of my knees bruised up pretty bad. I am using the Leatt dual axis knee guards, basically an inbetween of a true knee brace and a simple knee guard. I definitely had the death ... more »

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The idea of two spears worries me, do the twinwalls vibrate that badly? Pro Taper Fuzions are pretty interesting as well, gonna give those and the ODI's a look.