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My complaint is more that I have cheaper Alpinestars with less ankle support. I like the Idea of the hinge on the SG 12 and don't like the Fit of the Tech 10 with the bootie. The next Alpinestars boot without a bootie is a Tech 7 and they seemed somewhat ... more »

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I feel your pain, I'm 25 and got back into the sport after 10 years this past season and had to buy everything at once. My thought was I need to make it to work Monday, here's what I ended up with. Helmet - Fox V4 Carbon (they got replaced a year ago ... more »

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I use the motorex since it's recommended, though finding 15W-50 is difficult even at my local KTM dealer sometimes. Talking to the guys there, a lot of riders that come in that shop are using the motorex 10W-30 as an alternative in the 125s and 150s. ... more »

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5'11" and running the Pro Taper Fuzion bars in the SX Race Bend. Similar to the stock bend but a bit straighter, i'm very happy with them. I am running the stock clamp position.

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Where are you guys getting the black seats with the 3 white stripes? CarlinoJoe I remember in another thread you saying yours was custom from SDG. skigod, where did you get your seat? Looking for just a cover if possible.

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I'm replacing the piston, rings, and base gasket on my 2017 KTM 150. Is there any marking on the cylinder or any way to tell which base gasket my bike came with stock? Looking through RMATV in the OEM parts finder I'm shown the options below (gotta love

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A few that come to mind from the early to mid 2000s. Boot Decal Kits, i remember quite a few when tech 10s came out Colored name and number plates on the backs of chest protectors White Helmets Berick Boots Stinger 2 stroke silencers stickers on the ... more »

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I see you're in Michigan, I took my 150 to JP Speed up in Holly and would highly recommend him. He has a very good setup for the AER 48 which included a revalve, and upgrading a few internal components. He also did my shock which included the low friction ... more »

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My aunt got me MCM2 I want to say around 2000 when I was 8 or so for Christmas. I still remember my uncles installed it for me at my grandparents so I could play it that night, except they started playing when it loaded up and I had to watch haha. Once

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I'd just like to know the justification behind Hartranft being penalized when AC wasn't. I see the math above, fine I'll pretend for a second I agree with it. Still doesn't remain consistent with AC cutting the first turn and having no penalty after ... more »

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Red Buds my home national, the track HAS a well known off camber......less than it used to but certainly still has one in the pro section.

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Dumb title. I do think the sand rhythm will be a cool section though, it's something different.

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I was thinking the same penalty for Cianciarulo a few weeks back and he cut the first turn off of the start. Where's the consistency?

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Mine has to be the overall 2002 year of racing. It was the first year my dad took my little brother and I racing. I helped my dad with the bikes and everything as much as I could, but I was only 9 at the time so he was learning the whole racing thing ... more »

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I'm sad seeing Millsaps retire, he was one of my favorite riders in amateurs when i was growing up. My dad got me into the sport around 2001 and I remember after our first national (Steel City 2001, what a day) he got me Mini Warriors 4 on VHS so I could

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Are you?

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That HGS pipe looks so nice. Any plans to sell the FMF system?

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I love this bike

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I have a 2017 with 34 hours on it and love it. It was very sputtery down low until about half throttle from the factory. I leaned out the pilot (biggest issue), dropped the needle, and leaned out the main a bit and since have not had to touch the jetting ... more »

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This one belongs to my dad but worth a small claim for all the help he got from me ... more »