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I liked the shock on my 250 SX-F as well, I was surprised how good it felt even if it was a bit oversprung for me stock. I set it to the comfort settings in the manual and liked it, but the problem was i was at about 50mm of static sag to hit 105mm of ... more »

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Just got the call that a 2023 250f box showed up for me today. Fingers crossed it has pegs.

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I've got my name down and a deposit for the FE 250, and I'm first on the list for a 23 250f so whichever shows up first is mine, just hope now it has foot pegs. Also hoping that "July" will be early July. Do you know if that dealer ever got an FE 450? ... more »

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I've been waiting for a 22.5 250 FE for months now, purely to get a bike on the new platform as quick as I could. Originally was told it would get here in May, then June, and now it's out to July. If a 23 250f shows up first I'll be grabbing that instead. ... more »

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Was planning on waiting for a 23 250sxf but my current bike started giving me issues so I put a deposit on a ktm 250 FE that should be coming in any day now. If it weren’t for my 150 being on the fritz and chasing problems I’d be waiting till August ... more »

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I've run my 2017 150 with 93, mixed 40:1 with Maxima Super M for 5 years. I have around 150 hours on the bike, and have done 5 top ends and every one has come out looking great. Only engine mods are v force, fmf pipe, and jetting from the vital ktm jetting ... more »

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On my KTM 150 i've been very happy with the Pro Taper Fuzion bar unlocked in the SX Race bend. Not as low as a Carmichael but not very high either, and fairly straight. I myself prefer a cross bar.

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What bike are you riding? On my KTM I bent the stock ones in a crash, replaced them with a set of Ride Engineering bar mounts and have never had another issue. They will twist within the rubber mounts in the top triple clamp in a hard enough crash but ... more »

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I was there that day. I grew up about 15 minutes away and the morning of Steel City 2001 I guess my dad heard that there was a big race. We showed up mid day having no clue how big it would be, had to park a mile away on the main road and walk in. I'm ... more »

Added reply in a thread Any advice from Michigan Vet Class motocross riders for older rider without much track experience? 9/26/2020 5:16 PM

D14 has a vet sport 25+ class which is essentialy an all novice vet class. There’s a few fast guys at the front but most of the class is laid back and there’s definitely some beginners that race it. At the end of the season they’re good about bumping ... more »

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I grew up 20 minutes from Steel City. First year we ever went was 2001, my dad had heard about it and took us on a whim. I remember not realizing how big it was going to be, and having to park so far away and walk in from way past the main entrance sign. ... more »

Added reply in a thread Red Bud Vet Fest Pics. Starring Todd DeHoop & The Michigan Mafia 8/24/2020 12:14 PM

Was my first time making it to vet fest and man what a perfect day. Track was rough but in a different way than the national amateur day gets and the turnout was great. Not quite as deep as the national but definitely more choppy. I can attest too that ... more »

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How does the plug look? Tough to say if it is the pilot or the needle but likely a combination of both. You are on the right track. I would start by dropping the needle (raising the clip) and trying that out while you wait for your smaller pilot jets. ... more »

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I remember the 05 I had they updated the front and rear brakes from the 04 to go to Honda style routing, and changed the rear linkage (which I remember PR2 saying wasn't good so we used theirs instead). BNG since then.

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Plug looks ok but definitely a bit of carbon build up. Time for a new one there for sure so i'll be changing that. Jetting i've ran the same jetting here for the last few years and have it pretty reliable. Was fine all of the last two seasons. Reeds ... more »

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Hoping I can get some help here without having to start a new thread. I'm not sure if the powervalve is the problem or not. When I am riding my bike it's fine down low in corners and pulls a bit but as soon as i get on it in the middle of the rpm's it ... more »

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Yeah unfortunately I understand. I grew up down the road from there and the last time I was near the track saw it was a complete field now. I miss that place.

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Rebuild Steel City and have it there, close to the Pittsburgh Airport, and arguably the most spectator friendly track

One can dream.
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Hey Guys, My 2017 KTM 150 is at just under 80 hours after 2.5 seasons and I'm wondering if I should be doing a crank and bearings soon? I did a top end at 30 and 55 hours each of the last off seasons and both looked great. I'm a fast C/slow B level rider, ... more »

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Love XR-75s, grew up riding my dads all the time from when he was a kid. He restored his 73 which hangs in his garage, and we rode around on some 74 and 75s he got later on. My brother and I used to race around on them for hours. I’d love to get one ... more »