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I did not hear him complaining when he realized east coast was a cake walk.

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Seems all the teams are showing their lineup, displaying bikes and doing interviews. Have nor heard or seen a word from Pro Circuit other than we know whos on the team with only a couple weeks till A1. Mitch usually hide till A1?

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Chase did not win a Championship. It was given to him.

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Total mess. Looks like the dropout was cut off and then they made a homemade one to try to fit the rear disk and welded it back on. Total mess. I say its an 84.

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Video not working for meh.

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I cant wait till these kids have to go back to school.

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Congrats, but it seems every racer turned team manager seems to end up hating it.

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Will take 10+ years to get the permits and approval from eco nazis to do studies and make sure the rare White Sand Squirrel has no plans to live there.

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If will be something lame. Goggle, helmet announcement......

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He was on a good team and still did nothing. He just dont have it.

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Joey has potential, but it's just not going to happen on that JGR bike. JGR is where dreams go to die, like the Cleveland Browns. I think he would do better on a privateer Kawasaki. I put him at 10th -15th. Thrown in some injuries and he will be in top ... more »

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6 days in. So far my opinion is its total snake oil. Same aches and pains, same bad sleep. Nothing is better. Not even a better mood. Nothing.

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Just me, but if I could not even manage to save up $5K in life savings I don't think I would be running out to the dirt bike shop trying to find a way to make life harder. If your motor grenades you dont even have the money fix, the bike is worth $0 ... more »

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I bought some CBD snake oil. I was going to try the "sleep" version but it came loaded with Melatonin which I know will work fine on it own. If CBD helps with sleep, not sure why they would need to pack it full of Melatonin......probably because is total

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The cbdMD website says you haver to take multiple doses for a couple weeks to see any effects. LOL Because it will take time for CBD to build up in the body, it is generally suggested to maintain a daily regimen for two to three weeks. Some users may ... more »

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Need to get back to alcohol and cigarette sponsors. Throw in some vape and CBD money too.

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Hot Sauce gonna bring the heat. Good night Eli Tomac! You're over like the Astros!