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Reply to WW Ranch - Timed Qualifying Bench Racing 9/26/2020 7:15 AM

Am I the only one that always reads it as Wicked Weasel Ranch? I wanna spectate there.

Reply to The window is really getting closed. Roczen 8/9/2020 8:48 AM

People tend to underestimate the effects of multiple surgeries and anesthesia. Injuries do weaken your immune system. Recovering from surgeries does weaken your immune system. The "real" effects of anesthesia... being brought to near coma/death and back ... more »

Reply to The Everything About YZ Plastics Thread 8/2/2020 4:19 PM

This project is not complete. The Clarke tank is a tough fit. Black Diamond MX did the graphics.

... more »
Reply to Insulin pump and motocross 7/2/2020 8:03 PM

My son has been using the Dexcom G6 CGM along with an Omnipod insulin pump. It has been the best combination of tools yet for type 1. He's been using them for three years with amazing control and results.

Reply to ZRT throttle tube 5/16/2020 9:55 AM

Wit' he. I like the tube. I guess I kinda want one. Price is fine. I understand the whole Masshole thing, but it doesn't work on...well... most people nowdays. Too many feels. I have no filter, and hurt a lot of feelings daily, I get it. Cut your losses. ... more »

Reply to Anyone ride road bikes too? Naked streetbikes 4/13/2020 7:52 AM

Minnesota here, as well. Note the date:

Reply to Anyone ride road bikes too? Naked streetbikes 4/12/2020 5:43 PM

I intend to get an ADV bike, or some slow-ass HD. I love this bike, but it just encourages bad behavior from my right wrist. I am getting old.
Reply to My gun of the month 4/6/2020 9:02 AM
Reply to Jerry Robin Leaves FXR/Chaparral Honda? 4/2/2020 8:22 AM

With the utmost respect to ML and his efforts, it is rumored that Jerry prefers his KTM's.

Reply to Daytona Supercross - Night Show Bench Racing 3/8/2020 7:24 AM

Yepp. Kenny's 1st, 2nd, and last lap were his best.

Reply to Best looking 250F 3/6/2020 6:05 PM

Husky. Clean, minimalist style.

Reply to To the Cooper Webb "dislike" club 2/26/2020 8:06 AM

My Junior College education says that is a 63.5% "not a fan" tally. Somebody tell Ralph, that chip just got bigger.

Reply to Did Decoster really ask Webb the question? 2/11/2020 9:12 AM

Maybe what he was saying was: Being sick is no excuse. There are relatively few situations where people perform worse in any appreciable way, while sick. Just more psycho-babble from The Snowflake Generation.

Reply to The time has finally come. 2/10/2020 5:27 AM

It hurt my feeling.

Reply to I'm tired of Ferrandis getting booed 2/9/2020 11:40 PM

Personally, I think booing is ghey as fuck, but, if it's gonna happen anyway, he might as well embrace it. I would antagonize and attempt to further enrage the haters, but, that's just me.

Reply to The time has finally come. 2/9/2020 11:18 PM

This, 'cuz it might help me find a new

Reply to The Elephant in the room....VitalMX Forum search feature 2/9/2020 11:05 PM

Same but I use Duck Duck Go, instead of Google.

Reply to I'm tired of Ferrandis getting booed 2/9/2020 7:58 AM

"...like a little hand to the ear gesture taunting the crowd...." I would really enjoy that. Please oh please...

Reply to I'm tired of Ferrandis getting booed 2/9/2020 7:47 AM

The way this sport parallels WWE wrestling and it's fans is becoming undeniable. Ferrandis has become the "heel", and may as well embrace it. I think I detected a little smirk during the boos. I do hope he grows a Whiplash, and starts twisting it during ... more »

Reply to Barcia’s style 1/5/2020 5:44 PM

Only Morans see this as archilis heal.