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The way this sport parallels WWE wrestling and it's fans is becoming undeniable. Ferrandis has become the "heel", and may as well embrace it. I think I detected a little smirk during the boos. I do hope he grows a Whiplash, and starts twisting it during ... more »

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Only Morans see this as archilis heal.

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He was only facing the wrong direction because he swung the bike around so that it faced the wrong direction ! It was in fact facing in the right direction I actually thought he was really lucky nobody drilled him while he pulled that maneuver. I think ... more »

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See my Roczen thread. I'm thinking/guessing/hoping these guys are just trying to survive the first race in one piece.

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Seemed tentative and overly cautious. Smartly, just trying to survive A1? I had Kenny and AC as faves for this title, but I didn't see any of the smooth, precise and aggressive riding he displayed at RBSR. Yes, that event was a series of sprints, I know, ... more »

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Missed the quote button. This right here: gantry25 19 hours ago Everything went Webb's way last year. Tomac, Anderson, and Musquin were injured at the beginning of the season. Roczen was not yet up to speed. Those are pretty much the fastest guys. The ... more »

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Not to be a negative Nancy, but I think this is true. He was very rarely the fastest guy on the track. He benefitted from some huge gifts from faster competitors. All the stars lined up. I don't see that string of luck happening for him again.

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My son's. He calls it The Stormtrooper. There's a lot going on behind the sheet metal,

... more »
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I’m no tree-hugger, but, when you already have the eco-nazi’s and do-gooders wanting to shut down off-road riding and MX, this just seems like common sense. Why give the opposition ammunition? To do otherwise is idiocy.

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My opinion: From about 1974 to 1982, Japanese MXers were beautiful. Particularly, the ‘79-80 CR125/Mugen 125’s. I really think the old Suzuki TM’s and steel tank RM’s through ‘77 were sexy. 80-81 zooks were really good looking as well. Everything got ... more »

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Did your dad tell you to nail the start?

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It was delayed/out of synch as well.

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I wish I could give credit, but I don’t know who the photographer is:

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Nice V-dub, come check me out at the LCR tent at the bottom of the finish line/ Holy Schmit

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Poured rain like mad this evening!

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I’ll be there tomorrow, through the weekend.

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Can you get a bike in the NV 200?

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I didn’t catch the original thread, so, thanks for the dupe.

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500guy has been taking the low-T bitching stance for years. Nothing new here.

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After the injuries KR has had to his arms, I doubt he will ever be 100% what he was pre-injury. I’m sure he has had to adapt his riding style to compensate for weaknesses. I’m hoping he wins this title.