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Per the Vital 250 shootout, the Yamaha 250 weighs 235 pounds. I wish we could see 210 pound 4-strokes. Just saying, in the name of accuracy...

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My opinion doesn't matter because I'm old and slow, but, I think sharp pegs are way over-rated. I grip with my legs, that's where the traction is needed. I like the ability to easily change my foot position on the pegs, which is harder with razor sharp ... more »

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The WWE/Monster Truck Cartel took control of the series long before we realized what was going on- what the end-game was. It's all rigged. It's rigged and loosely scripted, but it's playing out according to plan. Kenny is being paid well for accepting ... more »

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MotoGP is done sooo professionally. No dumbing down. No circus sideshow.

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Honda may seem to have a lot of influence, but their crf150r did not change the mini class. Sometimes power is is givin and not taken, i think we defer to much to the history of honda.

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Kenny's only options were: A) offering the fist-bump, only to quickly withdraw it at the right moment. Psych!!! 2) offer the fist-bump, but roll the wrist over 180 degrees to reveal a full eff-you bird! Anything else screams weak/conquered. Dissappointed ... more »

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So, who is the producer and how can we make he/she/them see this? I've seen it in print here before, that they think they are killing it? There are obviously people who are connected in some way. I'm sure Rut's daughters think he's a funny daddy, but ... more »

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That sounds like a relationship you should eject from

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I haven't seen Flannel Wood either. Maybe they are hearing us?

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250 only, indoors. 2 or 4 stroke.

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I blame Kenny for not kicking it up a notch when Webb was closing. I blame Kenny for getting rattled every time Webb is near him. I blame Dean for thinking blue flags don't apply to him, because he still thinks he's a contender. As much as I hate it, ... more »

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Deano lost a fan for being a doosh, Kenny lost a fan for being weak and letting Webb live in his head, and I've disliked Webb, like, forever, and I'm sure he gives zero fucks about that. I guess he's the real winner. ..and now I hate myself. And Dave... ... more »

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I need to take some updated pics. It's got a new PC pipe/shorty silencer, Boyeson clutch and ignition covers, and a new airbox.

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Back in the 90's, elf fuel and synthetic premix. Best. Smell. Evar.

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1977 Suzuki RM80B

I love it! My first bike. I'd really love to have one again.

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1977 Suzuki RM80B
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Am I the only one that always reads it as Wicked Weasel Ranch? I wanna spectate there.

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People tend to underestimate the effects of multiple surgeries and anesthesia. Injuries do weaken your immune system. Recovering from surgeries does weaken your immune system. The "real" effects of anesthesia... being brought to near coma/death and back ... more »

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This project is not complete. The Clarke tank is a tough fit. Black Diamond MX did the graphics.

... more »