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Obviously you pay the difference

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Maybe we can finally get this pig to turn... ‘16 450 owner here

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YZ250X: -moto fine -hairscramble fine -premix

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The squeeze hasn’t squoze! 💎 👊✊✊✊

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Just watched it twice.

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Ryno should start an OnlyFans with daily riding tips, these crazy videos, and maybe some naked chicks thrown in there too. You’d ALL subscribe!

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LOL. Insurance companies are discounting premiums right now because nobody is driving meaning nobody is crashing. They are flush with cash. Maybe Canadians don’t like Rockstar... I certainly don’t. But ya, the injuries were probably COVID related

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Looks like he tossed a big ol’ rock off the track too. Good guy by me.

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Craig too huh? Interesting. Dude’s a sleeper.

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That thing is sick, cleanest I’ve seen. I have 2, they are tough bikes, and green sticker in Cali!

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I’ve got 50 hours on my ‘16 and eyeing a Kawi

Added reply in a thread Fork Swap Help - 2004 CRF450 onto 1996 CR250 8/12/2020 9:44 PM

Thanks Tracktor, I was able to get all of the above for about $80, including a full brake setup. I’ll letcha know how it works. Appreciate your help!

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Save yourself many Benjamins and buy a $25 CNC set off eBay/Amazon. They bend both ways and work great, just get the silver as anodized color will fade pretty quickly. OR, just loosen the brake and clutch mounts a tiny bit and slip some plastic underneath ... more »

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Me too. Keep the 450 and the 250 2 stroke for sentimental value but electric will be sweet! Rode a buddy’s Sur Ron last week and it was pretty cool. Not stout enough for an MX track but certainly fast enough. Can’t wait to see what a big 4 Japanese company ... more »

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Spraying starting fluid in 5 times and changing spark plugs only to give up and ask my neighbor who switched on the petcock. I was 15.

Added reply in a thread The Bike that Killed the 2 Stroke! 8/7/2020 11:39 PM

Gimme a 2022 KX250 2 stroke. Better yet gimme a KX300 built for the track. I’d sell all my bikes and pick one up new. The ‘97 KX250 was a super sick bike.

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Why not both! 2 stroke 250 is great for the tighter/vet tracks. YZ450 is better for the big jumps on a main track. If I take both to the track, I'll warm up on the 4 stroke and do the second half on the 2 stroke so I am comfortable with speed, distances ... more »

Started new thread Fork Swap Help - 2004 CRF450 onto 1996 CR250 8/4/2020 9:48 AM

Hi guys, I picked up a set of '04 CRF450R forks for my 1996 CR250R. They should shim in nicely with coke cans. I guess Honda changed brake calipers in 2004, so my 1996 front brake won't work. 1. Is there a cheap/simple way to make the existing 96 brake ... more »

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It’s the bike. You need a 125 or a 350 to be fast on this forum.

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Yup. F1 also plays the radio communication between team and driver sometimes. Those conversations are cool. You feel like part of the pit crew.