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Never owned one of these but one of the most aesthetically pleasing 2 strokes imo

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I had an 05 RM 250 and loved it. Hate that I sold it. Great handling and power. Could be a little finicky at speed, but the power was good from low end to top. I would not trust anything Wiseco and would do a full rebuild on the RM if it was me getting ... more »

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Don't neglect 250 two will never have as much low end grunt as a 4 stroke but for your skill level it will be enough. Not to mention you'll be having a lot more fun out there, and the skills will be sharpened. My physical profile is about ... more »

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Chase has been playing golf, talking business, and being mentored by James. The Seven gear deal is done for 2021.

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I was wondering how many noticed Eli standing up in that awesome. Immediately made me think about how Stefan Everts would rarely sit down. Just a level above when it comes to technique (although Roczen is as pure as they come as well).

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Cooper is as gritty as they come. Such an old school never quit mindset. What a race. Feel bad for Ken...wonder how post race team meeting went in the Honda rig. And how about Mookie!!!

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Eli. Dang. Making the best in the world look like amateurs.

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Pierce Brown is the real deal. Terrible start but this cat is FLOWING.

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Ralph talking about Nichol's mechanic trying to bend the bars back.." He's donating physically" LOL

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Perfect timing....just picked up an '03 screamer this past weekend. Thanks for the content.

Started new thread Spoke with the proceeds from selling my 450.... 5/24/2020 8:23 PM

Just wanted to share. Back on a 2 stroke! 2003 CR 250....Please disregard spoke wraps, metal mulisha and air Jordan stickers lol. Gonna do her up right.

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Filter skins not a bad idea for dusty conditions. I just go without them and change the filter every 2 hrs no matter how it looks.

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Been a 250F guy all throughout 2000s. Picked up an rm 250 in 2016. It was my first big bike 2 stroke i guess you could say. Loved it. Sold it earlier this year and bought a 450 believing i needed one for +30 vet racing. I dont find myself any faster ... more »

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My thoughts exactly... He definitely took it seriously. It's like, dang Mike, just trying to have fun and raise money for charity lol. Guy comes out with full race bike, nose tape, Tony there, #1 Jersey....chill down. But it's whatever, I'm not hating, ... more »

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My 2000 yamaha ttr 90 was the hook for me as a 10 year old kid. I rode the wheels off that thing nonstop (even snapped the rear axle in half from jumping). So many great memories of coming home from school every day and just burning through countless ... more »

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Rotella T4. Oil change at 6 hours per what the manual says. Life is good.

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Looking for a new rear tire recommendation...wanting something that holds up somewhat well on a 450. I mainly ride moto...some hard track practice and deep tilled.

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If any of you are looking for some good classic racing to watch, I highly recommend rewatching those early 2000s GPs on youtube. Such great history at a time when 450s were coming on the scene. The AMA nationals during this time are a treat to watch ... more »

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Learned my lesson when it comes to torquing the rear axle nut to spec on my old '05 RM 250. I used to just give it the ol hand snug and call it good (and I would do this while not applying tension to the chain). Anyway, we had a night race at my riding ... more »

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I remember in his 2019 interview he talked about having to bonzai downhill sections in order to catch up because the 450s would pull out 2 seconds on uphills. I'm sure that was a frustrating and humbling summer for him, but he rode the piss out of that ... more »