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Unbelievably stacked field. No more privateer journeymen in these main events anymore. Normal podium guys are going to settle for top 5 guys will have to settle for top on and so on. I like Webb for the championship, he knows how to ... more »

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Nice bikes, but c’mon guys we’ve been over this (AGAIN). 2 strokes should follow this thread title!

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My experience as well. That 450 power is irreplaceable, but it can be a lot to handle. 250 two stroke all day for me.

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Pure gold.

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Disillusioned heart - James wins his 4th championship ( the 3rd one came in '14 due to not crashing in the whoops while passing Kenny at A1) Logical brain - Webb wagon baby

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Thank you for committing to no restyle kit. I have the same bike I'm rebuilding....can't wait to relish in the inspiration soon to come!

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If someone didn’t post that video I surely was going to. I know it’s just test track stuff but Mach 10 in the whoops, jumping dragon backs.....Malcolm is going to win 2 races next year. Stamped.

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Such a cool interview...watched it twice. One of these days I hope we get those three legends at a round table reminiscing past races. I would pay to see that.

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Wow. That dude got next level punted over that berm. Hope everyone heals up quickly.

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How was the KTM in the handling/suspension department? I had an 05 RM that I really enjoyed. That engine was very lively. Recently scored an 03 CR that I’ve never ridden yet. Needs a good amount of cash to get it race ready. Debating on pursuing a 17+ ... more »

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I thought for sure he would stay in his Astars gear as the 450 guy for GasGas. Wondering if TLD matched his Astars contract.

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Beautiful facility. Good luck with the sale and happy retirement!

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I’m going to be that know what, I’m gonna say it. 2 strokes!!!!

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2003 Honda CR250R

I have an 03 as well and am looking at doing a frame up rebuild on it. Great inspiration! Three things:
1) That front end is perfect...did you have FC do the coatings? Love that Cycra disc guard.
2) Thank you for not using the Polisport restyle kit!!! Looks way better. Thinking about putting '21 CRF front fender and plate on mine
3) Did you give the old Mikuni TMX a shot or was it terrible for you?

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2003 Honda CR250R
Started new thread Panthera 2 stroke electric starters 10/20/2020 2:24 PM

Anyone with recent experience with these 2 stroke electric starters? Expensive, but pretty cool product. They are starting pre-orders for CR 250s (02-07). It crossed my mind to throw this on my 03 CR250, but after seeing that $1000 price tag, I'm okay ... more »

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My thoughts as well. Looks like how a pro would look in 2020. He was way ahead of his time.

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Barcia has an established reputation for being aggressive that has been built up over several years. The guys know to stay clear of him because he is always like that. I’m just saying that Ferrandis is a rookie coming in, so if he starts trying to bump ... more »

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Ferrandis will show speed on a 450 but imo he is a little over eager at times. If he bumps the wrong person in the 450 class, it will come back to him. I think that might occur a few times during '21 SX and he is going to find himself put on the ground. ... more »

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I agree, I want the best for this kid. Moving his whole family to America to chase the dream only to have your team fold? That’s a tough blow. The kid deserves a ride. I would love to see him get a spot with PC.